Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Day of Sunshine, Friends & Thunder!

Just in case you're wondering, the activity level of this blog has been pretty indicative of our everyday lives in recent weeks. We continue to wait and pray and wait, have long and wonderful conversations, and wait some more (the kind of waiting that is owed its own post in the near future). However, April is a beloved month around our house since it's the month of birthdays! We have had much fun celebrating both mine and my husband's birthdays, simple and sweet, savoring the time together.
The big event for my birthday weekend (one that was apparently not really for my birthday, but a citywide event - yeah, I tried) was Thunder Over Louisville on Saturday! Thunder is the huge kickoff to all of the Kentucky Derby festivities that go on between now and the first weekend in May. We hadn't been in a few years (how long have we been in Louisville now? Wow!), and several friends from church hadn't been yet, so we loaded up a group of eight and headed down to the Ohio River for a day of funnel cakes, turkey legs, thrilling airshow, and spectacular fireworks!

Me and my love~

A wonderful time with wonderful friends!

I took three pictures at three different angles and still didn't capture all of the crowd out at Riverfront Park that afternoon!

You haven't experienced a true fireworks show until your spine is vibrating and eyes are watering! We had just as much fun watching our friends experience Thunder for the first time as we did seeing the show again for ourselves. While there are some definite downsides to spending a day surounded by 700,000+ other spectators, the time spent with friends was well worth it.
I was reminded, as I have been on countless occasions in these recent weeks, of how good the Lord has been to my husband and I during this time. While we are completely clueless as to how much longer we will be here in the 'Ville, we are thankful for the time we have had here, for all of the sweet friends and memories made~