Monday, August 27, 2007

131 Days ~ he knows good music

For reasons unknown, I was never a huge fan of Bebo Norman. I'm not exactly sure why considering the obvious gift of music he possesses. But this weekend, Bob and I had a "moment." He has started compiling music on his iPod that we know we want played at the reception, and included was a song I had not previously heard. This song reflects our relationship in such a unique way. I responded in a manner similar to when I listen to Steven Curtis Chapman's "What I Really Want To Say." Writing comes easily to me, but voicing the sum of my feelings seems nothing short of impossible at times. So as I sat on my couch with tears streaming down my face, I decided that I am a Bebo fan after all...

To Find My Way to You

"Well I can’t find the words to say

Just to make, make this go way

So you just bleed and I can’t sleep tonight

‘Cause it’s hard to see just what you mean

Across the lines that bring your voice to me

But I can hear your every tear when you cry

And, oh love, when you say to me

That your heart breaks every time I leave

I would set out across the sea

Just to find my way to you

Well I don’t know which way to go

So I search the stars, basking in the glow

But they all fall down without a sound from the sky

Well I still can’t find the words to say

But you, my love, love me anyway

So just go to sleep, and my heart will keep the time

‘Cause, oh love, when you say to me

That my kiss is the breath you breathe

I would wake up from a thousand dreams

Just to find my way to you"

Friday, August 24, 2007

134 Days ~ "Tune my heart to sing Thy grace"

This post serves to inform my faithful readers that my fiance' has finally posted a new entry on his blog!! WARNING: Yours truly started the rant to which he refers; he is simply more systematic in discussion of the issue. Follow the link below to his post:

Monday, August 20, 2007

138 Days ~ It's starting to sink in

I drove to David's Bridal as fast as I could yesterday after church. Fifteen minutes later, I was walking back out of the store with a particularly heavy garment bag. The only word I can muster for how it felt to walk out with dress in hand was giddy. I wanted to call everyone I knew to tell them that I had finally made the last payment on my wedding gown (and some of you I did call!). My sweet friend and bridesmaid Eryn is letting me keep it at her place for the next few months. She was with me when I found the dress back in June and cried with me when I turned around and saw my reflection in the mirror. I've been so thankful for the sweet friendship that has been developing this past year, thankful that she is one I can call on a total whim for such things as going to see "Becoming Jane" (if you're a girl and love Jane Austen, go see the movie!).
Eryn is also a sweet reminder of home. While Bob's side of the wedding party is represented here in Louisville, Eryn is the only one of my girls who is able to be here with me week to week as plans are beginning to come together. It makes me all the more antsy for the next few months and for when I finally get to travel down to Texas and see the rest of my family and friends for the glorious celebration!

Monday, August 06, 2007

152 Days ~ Fun is Bowling at Lucky Strike!

The other Jenn won a free night of bowling downtown at Lucky Strike a couple of weeks ago. Not only is it a great atmosphere complete with couches and a fun menu, but the bowling alley is right in the midst of 4th Street Live (the area downtown blocked off for outdoor shopping and restaurants. This was the second time I was invited to join a group for free bowling at Lucky Strike - I guess that means I have some really *lucky* friends (either that or they just bowl better than I do...)
The key to winning a free game of bowling for you and your friends is to land a strike when the front pin is lit with a red light. As you can see, these people really like their lights! You can barely even make out the arrows on the floor because the lighting is so crazy~

Joe is pretty much the king of bowling in my closer circle of friends. He's the one who landed the very first free night of bowling, only to have Jenn win her own party during the fun event.

This is where I pause in the midst of all the fun bowling pictures and make mention of the men in the above picture - Joe, Andrew, and Bob. They have been close friends since college, and the two moved up here (along with another friend of ours, the best man in our wedding, who was unable to attend the bowling party) a year after us to attend seminary. I have personally been blessed to see how they have not only grown as godly men individually, but to also witness how their friendship has continued to grow and sharpen one another. I am encouraged by how diligent they remain in spurring one another on, whether during days of celebration or times of simply needing a friend in close proximity to lean upon.

In one sense the days draw another sense, five months is a lengthy amount of time in which I'm learning great patience...

Thankful for the old friends and the new!!
Brian accepted the invitation to join in our wedding day as one of Bob's groomsmen. The day would not be the same without him there (he is uncle to Nali and Maia after all).

Jenn and Rachel~ Jenn works diligently alongside some of the guys at a job that often proves difficult in matters of enjoyment. She is one of those girls whom I know is a kindred spirit and wish I could spend much more time with than the Lord sees fit during this particular season. (Rachel was in town until starting the fall semester back up. Her father is a professor of theology at
Southern and she comes in each summer to spend time with the family. We were glad to meet her and enjoy some good bowling time!)

Nothing to note except for the fact that I absolutely love this picture. I still have a hard time believing that I actually get to marry him in just five months~

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

157 Days ~ Wisdom from a Newlywed

In her ongoing blog, Christine is answering questions geared toward her first month of marriage. I was so moved, encouraged, and challenged by her response to a particular question that I asked her permission to post her response here:

  • Anon. asked:Just wondering... but as another self-described "independent
    woman," I find myself wanting to know which parts of the engaged/married
    experience (so far) have been the most trying for a woman who had been used to
    making her own decisions in every area without having to submit to another human
    being in each of them. I think it will be very difficult for me to adjust to
    that, given that I've been living on my own since 1999. Have you experienced
    frustration or fear or similar feelings along the way? Has it been harder or
    easier than you expected to live in Biblical "coupledom"? Or is it, frankly, too
    soon to tell?
  • Christine responds:A month or so before I left the United States
    for Germany I was reading over my vows and was hit by this portion:
    promise, by God's grace, as He enables me to submit to you and to obey you in
    everything, as I do to the Lord. I recognize you as my head, even as Christ is
    the head of the church. In so doing I resolve to put my trust in God and not
    give way to fear
    . The weight of this statement overwhelmed and humbled me to the
    point of tears. I realized then that I could not give into fear because
    ultimately my trust was not in Mike but in God. Mike will eventually fail me and
    disappoint me and I will do the same to him! At that moment I realized that I did
    have fear in my life: fear that Mike would disappoint me and not live up to an
    unreasonably high standard. Could I place myself under him knowing this?! But who
    am I? I, too, am a sinner. I, too, will disappoint. To expect more of Michael
    than his human limitations would be to make him god. And if I clung to him in
    desperation and he failed me, my world would fall apart leading to resentment
    and then bitterness. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." This is what
    drove me to tears: this vision of the monster I could become, gripped by the
    sins of idolatry and bitterness, wounding others because I myself had been
    wounded. It was at this moment that I knew I had to reject this idolatry and
    cling to God and his provisions and perfect goodness. When Mike somehow
    disappoints me I am now free to joyfully show him grace and forgiveness. Instead
    of resenting Mike, I hope in Christ and repent of my own sinful behavior. I am
    thankful that this transformation of the mind took place before our wedding. As
    a result, it has been an incredibly smooth transition into living together in
    grace and love.