Monday, August 06, 2007

152 Days ~ Fun is Bowling at Lucky Strike!

The other Jenn won a free night of bowling downtown at Lucky Strike a couple of weeks ago. Not only is it a great atmosphere complete with couches and a fun menu, but the bowling alley is right in the midst of 4th Street Live (the area downtown blocked off for outdoor shopping and restaurants. This was the second time I was invited to join a group for free bowling at Lucky Strike - I guess that means I have some really *lucky* friends (either that or they just bowl better than I do...)
The key to winning a free game of bowling for you and your friends is to land a strike when the front pin is lit with a red light. As you can see, these people really like their lights! You can barely even make out the arrows on the floor because the lighting is so crazy~

Joe is pretty much the king of bowling in my closer circle of friends. He's the one who landed the very first free night of bowling, only to have Jenn win her own party during the fun event.

This is where I pause in the midst of all the fun bowling pictures and make mention of the men in the above picture - Joe, Andrew, and Bob. They have been close friends since college, and the two moved up here (along with another friend of ours, the best man in our wedding, who was unable to attend the bowling party) a year after us to attend seminary. I have personally been blessed to see how they have not only grown as godly men individually, but to also witness how their friendship has continued to grow and sharpen one another. I am encouraged by how diligent they remain in spurring one another on, whether during days of celebration or times of simply needing a friend in close proximity to lean upon.

In one sense the days draw another sense, five months is a lengthy amount of time in which I'm learning great patience...

Thankful for the old friends and the new!!
Brian accepted the invitation to join in our wedding day as one of Bob's groomsmen. The day would not be the same without him there (he is uncle to Nali and Maia after all).

Jenn and Rachel~ Jenn works diligently alongside some of the guys at a job that often proves difficult in matters of enjoyment. She is one of those girls whom I know is a kindred spirit and wish I could spend much more time with than the Lord sees fit during this particular season. (Rachel was in town until starting the fall semester back up. Her father is a professor of theology at
Southern and she comes in each summer to spend time with the family. We were glad to meet her and enjoy some good bowling time!)

Nothing to note except for the fact that I absolutely love this picture. I still have a hard time believing that I actually get to marry him in just five months~


ColoradoDreaming said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. It is great to have friends and be able to do things with them! You two make such a sweet couple and I bet you love all the pics of the two of you together!

Panda-Mom said...

Well aren't y'all just cutie-patooties?

I tagged you for a meme! ; )

Panda-Mom said...

Okaaaaaaa-ay. I'm a bit bored with this post by now.