Monday, September 18, 2006

Daddy's Little Girl

Drift off and dream in your paper-doll world
Play with the presents from the boys and the girls.
Your big day is over. The cake is all gone.
We sang you to sleep with the birthday song.
No, you'll never be one again.
The two's are tumblin' on in.
Daddy's little girl is growing up in the world.
You'll never be one again.
The toy piano is quiet in the hall
as Kermie the frog sits watching it all.
And soon your legs will grow and make the tricycle go
and take you away from us all.
No, you'll never be one again.
The two's are tumblin' on in.
Daddy's little girl is growing up in the world.
You'll never be one again.
(Never Be One - Alabama)

Regardless of the band given due credit for writing this song, I will always hear my dad's voice when these words come to mind. He sang this to me, whether while tucking me in at night or cleaning house together on a Saturday afternoon. His soft, meek voice is the one I will always hear singing this familiar melody, remembering how he used to twirl me around the living room as if such a tune had been written just for me. He had priceless traditions and memories with my brother as well, but this one...this memory is ours.

All of us daughters have memories of our fathers; whether he was present or absent, consoling or cold, interested or preoccupied, we all have distinct associations with our own fathers. One of mine just so happens to be a song that the majority of people I know have never heard. Beyond such memories, though, I have recently begun pondering the lasting impact fathers have on their daughters. There have been numerous resources, particularly in the area of theological education, pertaining to mothers training their daughters, but what has been observed regarding fathers? Here is a rather brief list of considerations for taking a closer look at such a crucial relationship:
  • effects of the father being present and engaged in his daughter's life;
  • effects of the father being distant either due to other priorities or in the event of divorce;
  • how single fathers engage their daughters and create a safe and loving environment in which to raise her;
  • ways in which the father can set a standard for the men his daughter will meet and potentially date in the future;
  • the father protecting his daughter from emotional, physical, sexual harm;
  • the father reflecting the Father's love and discipline for His children;
  • how the father can encourage and train his daughter toward biblical womanhood
I know that the bond between fathers and daughters is crucial, but I also know that I am still young and inexperienced. Looking further into the effects and impact of such a relationship I know will strike a chord with me, and I pray earnestly that whatever I glean will be rewarding both now and in the future.

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