Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Homeschool-Public School Debate and Beyond

This entry has very little to do with finding a Google image that freakishly resembles pictures of myself from 15 years ago...once a school nerd, always a school nerd!
No, this post has more to do with an individual's blog I came across a few days ago. I left a comment in response to this young man's entry and now, mere days later, the total comments left for this one post on his blog number eleven. My guess is that he will receive a few more comments beyond the current amount. This young man, whom I assume is a fellow seminary student, posted a critique of Tim Challies' decision to send his children to public school. To have an initial idea of Challies' approach, convictions, and decision on the matter (or if you aren't familiar with Challies), you can read his entry "Why I Do Not Homeschool (Part 2)" at: .
There is a "Part 1" from the previous day, but some of the points he highlights are repeated in this particular entry.
It should not take one long to see that the conversation at hand is not merely in regard to homeschool versus public school, but are responses to one person's critique of Tim Challies' decision. I have attempted to be very clear in my response (two comments) to this man's critique, carefully pointing out concerns to be considered when critiquing another's convictions, such concerns beginning even with the title of his entry. The post entitled "2 Lousy Reasons Not to Homeschool by Tim Challies" can be viewed at: .
A dear friend has also taken part in the comments, and I am now posting the links here in order that some of you may hopefully offer your two cents on the matter. Because I have friends on both sides of the issue, the pros and cons to either homeschool or public school, I am interested in your opinions and approaches to the matter. Hopefully, you will catch a glimpse of where I stand currently after reading the comments I have posted on this person's blog thus far.

**UPDATE 12/21/2006**: One of the individuals who commented has offered a link to her own blog where she cites an article written by Voddie Bauchum. Bauchum comes from the perspective of one who has chosen to homeschool his children, but he points out crucial considerations for parents who make either decision in regard to educating their children.

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