Saturday, February 10, 2007

Confession: Pretty in Pink

I had a random chat with a friend at work last week about "guilty pleasures." Don't get creeped out; we were simply talking about TV shows that we just can't help but tune into when they come on. I must say, though, that even beyond shows that I can't pass up, there is another "guilty pleasure" that I am bravely disclosing to you today. Take a relaxed Saturday afternoon, no work and no school--just you and the laundry, or whatever it may be that you are catching up on around the house. On such a day, I cannot pass up the "classic" 80s movie. Yes, that is my confession--I am drawn to teeny bopper 80s movies. This by far supercedes current TV shows I watch (mind you, I only watch a handful). Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved 80s movies, particularly those starring THE 80s sweetheart, Molly Ringwald. Hated "The Breakfast Club", but loved "Pretty in Pink" and "Sixteen Candles," although most of my friends hadn't even heard of such flicks until I introduced them. (Such introductions I am not necessarily proud of--"Hey Mom, J- invited me over to watch 'Dirty Dancing,' can I go?" I never could understand why their parents said No! Yeah, I don't pride myself in such things.)


Keep in mind that I was still in diapers when these movies came out, but I have still been drawn to them about as far back as I remember. What dramatic little dreamer wouldn't love a good 80s flick full of drama? And if you've never watched such a movie, trust me--DRAMA. As fun as it is for me to sit on my couch on a Saturday such as this, I can't help but think of something while I'm watching Molly Ringwald weep over the rich kid she's both in love with and devastated by, ripping up a friends' prom dress to make her own polka-dotted...thing (odd dress, watch the movie). Do you know what it is I am thinking of while watching such a movie, one that I've loved for years? The real thing is so much better! I look at my own love story and those of my dear friends, and can't help but see the cheapness of the Lifetime Channel love stories (yes, I have cable). When I am putting my head down to rest at night, or writing in my journal, there is so much more to that love which is a GIFT from the Lord than a silly 80s flick could ever capture. It's not drama I am consumed with, but real and true love. And it doesn't consume me in a way that would move me to make a pink thing called a dress to try and prove myself to some guy at the senior prom. (Hopefully you get my point with that last statement.) Praise the Lord for His grace because I can look back and see some pretty ridiculous stunts I either did do or could've done when I was in high school (no, I am not going to disclose some of those stunts on this kind of platform. If you know me, you know the silliness). But, no, He is good and He is faithful to those who wait patiently for Him. My love story is not defined by "feelings" and butterflies and trying to prove myself to someone in order to win their affections. No, the one the Lord has authored for my life is defined by patience, bearing one another's burdens, speaking truth to one another even when it stings, looking into the eyes of one the Lord is obviously ordained as an instrument in my life. How much better that is than the weepy, Molly Ringwald-starring sob stories...


Gretchen said...

Grace --
ABSOLUTELY!!! You are right about that, my friend.

My favorite '80's teeny bopper movie was "Some Kind of Wonderful". I'm sure we had it taped off tv so it wasn't so bad. It's kind of amazing how much filth was in some of those movies! It went right over my 8-year-old head, I guess!

As for the movie (Amazing Grace) we'll have to pick a night. I guess my sisters and my friend Misty and her sister Shea are coming to visit the weekend of the 23rd, so I don't think I could go the night it comes out. But we can just go another night. Where do people go see movies around here?

Gretchen said...

BTW, Molly Ringwald most recently starred as Molly McIntire's mom in the latest American Girl movie (Disney Channel). It was sort of a shock to the system to see a fave old 80's star play the parent like that! I think that's a ploy of the American Girl movies, cast some 80's star in an adult role so the parents will want to buy it. Last year, in the Felicity movie (SOOOOOOOOOOoooooo good!), Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard played Felicity's father!

Panda-Mom said...

HUGE LOL! I had NO idea that you like 80's flicks like this. Even though I have seen them all since I was a teen when all the DRAMA was on the big screen, I thought at the time how stupid it was of all the crazy tactics these kids went through just to get a "feeling" of being wanted. I am grateful for all of the similar stupid mistakes I made at that time so that I can fully appreciate my true love for PandaPop and know that only a God full of Grace kept me from being sucked down the death spiral that these movies portrayed as "fun". The irony is looking at the adult lives of all the actors that were known as The Brat Pack from that era: strung out, lonely, longing, empty and broke. Their reality relfects the awful consequences of lives given over to all the DRAMA. Glad you didn't go down that rode either, sister. (((hug)))

GloryandGrace said...

Gret, I really want to see the American Girl movies!!!

Gretchen said...

Okay, we need a girly movie night. I'm gonna pull out a calendar and put it on there. I've got a couple girls I could invite, do you have any girls who need to get away from men?

And we're watching my fave AG movie -- Samantha. Well, it might be too Christmassy. Maybe we should save that one. It's a feel-gooder, though!

GloryandGrace said...

Well, I DID talk to my dear friend Katye tonight who said she had lunch with you recently. Was she one of the ones you were thinking of? YES, we need a girls night!

Mmm, and I heard from a lady in my small group that we definitely need to read Valley of Vision. I heard it's one you can read daily, but I'm not sure since I've never seen it myself.

Samantha was my favorite when I was younger. I never did read Felicity or any of the newer ones after her, but I'm sure they were wonderful :)

I hope you had a good Lord's Day today. The sermon at church was RICH, and I can't wait to tell you about it~

GloryandGrace said...

PandaMom, I LOVE YOU!!!