Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Return to the World of Blogging ~ Part Two

Yes, for my faithful blog readers, I am still alive - and, no, things haven't slowed down yet! I just happened to have a few seconds here at work to breathe and write a brief update. I've had these pictures sitting on my camera for over two weeks now, and I finally sat down last night for a break from my counseling paper to get them on my computer at home.
Nali and Maia had guests a couple of weeks ago. My boyfriend's parents came in town, but not before a quick trip to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. They couldn't come visit without bringing a little something for the girls, so as you can see, the pups are sporting rather stylish bandanas straight from the land of country music. While the pictures in the previous post may lead you to think otherwise, I didn't go on a safari and I'm not "Lord of the Wildlife" as someone affectionately noted... heehee. We took his family to the Louisville Zoo, which was exciting for us since neither of us had been before. I must say that I'm enjoying this whole digital camera thing more and more!

While our visit with his family was far too brief, it was still a nice visit. I have become very close to his family these past four years, especially his mom, so any time spent with them is wonderful and treasured. After having a rough past several months, I was glad they were able to come up even if it was just for the two days they were here.

Then, after just a few days, another very special guest arrived at my house! That's right,
my best friend came to visit for the first time since I moved here two years ago. She flew into Indianapolis, and we met halfway in Seymour, Indiana (note: a MAJOR outlet mall hub!). Although it was yet another brief weekend, I was still so encouraged and refreshed by her visit. The weekend was fairly low-key, as we were just content being able to spend some extended time together at all. We did some eating out, some walking up and down Frankfort Avenue sipping mochas and checking out various little consignment shops (yes, Gretchen, we need to take a stroll down there soon - some VERY cute shops!). We ate lunch that Saturday at this little Greek gyro place while watching the pubs start filling up with people for St. Patrick's Day (if you've never been to Louisville, these people like to celebrate). We were going to go out for dinner that Saturday night with my boyfriend, but decided to stay in instead. She had never seen me cook before (Ha!), so she was eager to observe my ways in the kitchen as I made homemade soup. We ended the weekend Sunday morning with a 30-minute detour to the airport - she learned very quickly why Louisville could really benefit from access roads when one accident completely shuts down the two major highways in the city...

All this to say, I had two wonderful weekends with some of the most treasured people in my life. Although my school schedule was put on hold, and I spent several days catching up with work, I was refreshed and thankful for the back-to-back weekends. I realized, as a friend of mine has written about a few times, just how good it is for us to be known by people. You get so used to knowing people around you to a certain level, and all the while there is something inside that makes you want those deeper friendships. It really makes you treasure those near and dear friends all the more when the Lord reminds you of His goodness in giving you such relationships. I can't be best friends with everyone, and I am humbled by those who really know me - quirks and all - and still call me friend.


Funderstorm said...

I love to read what you say. I often think back to a young teenage girl who was always wise beyond her years and totally innocent of the world's ways and try to reconcile her to te young woman I read in the lines of your blog. God has grown you so much and I will always be watching to see what He does through your life. Can't wait. Love you. Miss you.

Panda-Mom said...

I guess since little miss F over there wrote nice grown-up things about you, I should, too, huh? Well......nope, can't think of one thing. Sorry.

JUST KIDDING! You know I love Geek and love reading about your grown-up life. I bet it WAS a shock for K to see you cooking all by yourself! ; ) XXOO

Gretchen said...


Hey, haven't seen you in FOREVER! I finished reading the John MacArthur book of yours, so I'll bring it to work with me, and you can stop by to pick it up whenever you get a chance! I'll tell you what I liked about it then, too.

So good to read how well you're doing! I totally loved how you wrote about your blessed visitors. I feel you, girl.

Love, Gret