Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Neglected Hobby Revisited!

My new friend, Tracy, invited me to attend "Scrap Mania" at the Archiver's store yesterday. Archiver's is a little piece of heaven wrapped up in one store for anyone who invests time and creativity (and money!) into scrapbooking. They hold these events just about every Saturday of the month where you can come in from 5-11pm and spread out at one of their tables. When Tracy invited me to go last week, I didn't waste any time agreeing to join her. And rather than waiting until 5:00 to meet at Archiver's, we arrived at noon! So we spent almost ELEVEN HOURS working on our scrapbooks. I decided to start small since I had never been to Archiver's before and didn't know how much space they alotted us to work, so I brought a very small album I have been putting together. This is a collection of pictures in memory of my grandparents~
Cover page featuring my grandparents, Bair-Bair and Poppa, surrounded by a collage of pictures featuring their exquisite gardens~
This page is proof that it takes a little while to get back into the groove when you haven't scrapbooked in a long time! This is my least favorite of the pages I worked on yesterday, but it still makes me smile to see my grandfather fishing out the water after the lake flooded near where they used to live. (If you can't see the blue writing, it says "More Water ~ More Fish!")

I had to refrain from using this awesome stencil on every single page I put together~

These two pictures were taken at my aunt and uncle's house. All I did for the border was take the scraps from the pictures and cut them into little squares.

My grandmother was in love with her flowers. There is another page I was able to work on, but could not get a decent picture of to put on here, where she is beaming over her most recent blossom. The quote I put on that page, which seems rather appropriate for my grandparents, is "I will be a healer and lover of things that grow."
I truly enjoyed getting to sit for hours working on one of my favorite hobbies. While I don't own all of the absolutely incredible tools and accessories that the ladies around me had, I enjoyed working on my simple little book. Working on something like this naturally took me back to the days when Bair-Bair and Poppa were still alive, when they would stock us up with their newest jarred preserves, take us for walks through the gardens to see the newest blooms, and how I always wanted to be just like her. My grandparents were simple people: thankful, humble about the ways in which they were blessed, and simple. Therefore, I find it only fitting that the book in memory of them remain sweet and simple, illustrating how much they enjoyed the little things in life.
I also loved the time I had to spend with Tracy. Ever since visiting the church where we are currently attending, I have been extremely encouraged by her. Now if I can only wait patiently for the next Saturday when we get to join together in the mania that is scrapbooking!


jennypen said...

Beautiful! I especially love how you used scraps from other photos to border the pages.

Carissa said...
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Stephanie Robertson said...

Love it! Scrapbooking has always initmidated me. I feel like it's something I would be really good at, but when I see the sheer amount of supplies / tools out there... and when I see the endless possibilities for awesome pages, I just feel so small. Maybe one day I'll pick it up, if I get brave enough

Adrian said...

I also love the picture scrap border. I'll keep that one in mind for the future.

Also - I love simple folks. My grandparents, particularly my mom's parents, were just that. Simple, country, loving people. I wish we could be like them.

Carissa said...

t's nice to sit and put your memories to pages. They are such a treasure. You did a great job. Thank you for sharing!!!!!! Ditto to Jennypen's comment.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! Yes, that church holds lots of special memories. We joined there when I was 21, 1 month away from having Sami! So almost all of our married life has been at that church. I can't wait to add my new photo's to my wedding scrapbook! I loved what you did! Makes me want to hurry and work on mine, but I don't have the prints yet, lol! Still have to order them. I uploaded them to snapfish but that is as far as I have gotten.

I love you and am very glad we got to be at your celebration, too! I wish you could have been here for ours but at least I can share it with you in photo's and words!

Panda-Mom said...

Love it all and am completely jealous!! ; )

Amanda said...

I am so impressed...I always wanted to be good at scrapbooking! You are fantastic!