Sunday, June 08, 2008

Still reflecting on that glorious day five months ago...

"Come just as you are, every care you carry, and come to the table of grace for there is mercy..."I think one of the most difficult things to wrap my mind around that morning was the reality of standing in the bridal suite with my parents. After all of these years, all of the memories and growth, this was the single day that changed my life, their daughter's life, forever~
"I have come with one purpose to capture for Myself a bride; by My life she is lovely, and by My death she's justified.""And so with water I will wash her, and by My Word alone."
I tear up this evening looking at this picture of my husband and mother-in-law; she returned home this past Thursday after extensive radiation treatment. Praise the Lord, the Giver and Sustainer of life, that there is hope for her complete healing~

From this day forward ~ in sickness and in health ~ for better or worse ~ this is my solemn vow


Ashley said...

What great pics and happy memories! I especially love the door one. :)

Stephanie Robertson said...

Five months already! WOW

I guess that means my present is officially LATE :-)

The bad news is that I was working on it on my desktop computer and am ALMOST done with it.... but packed that computer away in storage for the next 5 months or so. I guess your wedding present will be an anniversary present.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

How great it is to see you looking back over that and to see those beautiful pictures!

jennypen said...

It was such a beautiful celebration and a wonderful day!!!