Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Little Scrap Mania Circle

"A Scrapbooker is entrusted with documenting and safely preserving family photos in an album to be treasured by future generations."
"You have the right to take as long as you want to create an album page. This may take five minutes or two weeks."
"You have the right to do nothing more than snack and socialize at a 6-hour cropping party." (Edit: 11-hour)
"You have the right to value your personal scrapbooking style to be as important as your photographs. You are creating a treasure. . . . You have the right to create your own legacy, one page at a time."

These fun pictures were not taken by me, nor were they taken from this past Saturday of scrapbooking. If I had taken the pictures this past weekend, you would see the aftermath of mouth surgery (i.e., me looking like someone socked me in the face). And I might as well mention the valuable lesson I learned on Saturday afternoon: It is not a good idea to write really big words using a marker, without first using a pencil, when you're loopy on pain pills. You will inevitably end up with a bright, bold and purple title that is spelled completely wrong.

My love for scrapbooking has been renewed upon joining our church, as I mentioned in a previous post. More than a mere craft, this is an important task for me in preserving not just my personal photos, but those of my friends and family as well. I have had the honor of making a scrapbook for a co-worker, as well as preserving the memories in picture form of my dear grandparents. Not only do I get to spend hours being creative, but I have the opportunity to do so among friends! These sweet ladies, women I am fortunute to call friends, have become some of my favorite in recent months. We meet up once a month (try at least!) and spend hours talking, snacking, and busying ourselves with our favorite hobby. I have grown to adore them, and always look forward to the next "scrap mania." I am reminded on such Saturdays of what fellowship really looks like, and what a joy it is to invest in each other's lives.

("Scrapbooker's Bill of Rights", courtesy of


Amanda said...

you had mouth surgery?? ouch! are you ok? I love to scrapbook but I never do it... geez... I'm glad you had fun!

Stephanie Robertson said...

Oh, I almost break out in hives just thinking about scrapbooking. That is the most scary hobby that I know I'd love if I had enough confidence in myself to do it.

What a fun and great idea for fellowship though! Glad you're enjoying your new home church so much!

BreAnna Fowler said...

Wow, you almost convinced me to start scrapbooking....ALMOST. I think its cool that you have a monthly date with friends to do something that you enjoy.

Panda-Mom said...

Loos very fun and I'm very jealous!!! ; )

I like the way your friend Stephanie keeps her anonymity on the web. LOL!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

I haven't got to scrap in so long!!! But I look forward to a time when we move that I get to do that! I am even putting in a craft room for myself so I can leave my stuff out and come in and work on it whenever I want! That will be so awesome!!!

the mitz said...

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