Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet Cousin Sam!

If you can't get your own adorable, huggable, snuggable new puppy, then just convince one of your closest friends to get one so that you can live vicariously through him! Our friend Brian has been patiently waiting and looking for just the right puppy for quite some time now. He has always loved coming to our place to play with Nali and Maia, and they absolutely adore their "uncle." In case you missed this post, I was beside myself when he called to tell us that he was getting one of the Border Collie puppies.
We accompanied him for the drive down to Elizabethtown to pick her up, and our hearts just melted as soon as we saw and interacted with her. The rest of the afternoon was spent taking her to the vet, then to the pet store for goodies, and then dropping them off at Brian's place. He reminded me of how I was the day we brought Nali home - this daze of disbelief that he is now fully responsible for this little brown-eyed puppy, and completely happy with the decision he made. He has named her Samantha ("Sam"), and we have already gotten to puppysit her once since Saturday. My big girl, Nali, was the most wonderful puppy I could have asked for, and I hope and already anticipate that Brian is going to have the same experience with little Sam!


PandaMom said...


Got your text. ; )

Go check out my post from this morning (Monday)...I think one of the links will make you smile.

jennypen said...

She is TOO CUTE! I'm glad you were able to get (kind of) a border collie puppy after all!

She makes me think of my Bub. :o)

Ashley said...


And yes, I leave early early Thursday morning!!