Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Photo(s) Friday & An Impromptu Blessing

My husband and I had a rather impromptu time of blessing and last night. To preface the evening, I went home early from work yesterday afternoon with the makings of a migraine, and went straight to bed until almost 7:00. Upon getting up and feeling drugged (well, I was) and not sleepy enough to stay in bed, I made my way downstairs knowing that I needed to think of something for dinner. Thankfully, there was a pitiful portion of soup in the fridge for my husband, and I swallowed down the leftovers from a less than impressive pasta dish. While swallowing down my food (I was just glad my husband was enjoying his soup!), he got a call from one of his best friends inviting us over for dessert ("Yesssssss," I thought to myself in relief).
Our friend (one of my husband's closest and dearest) grew up in Mexico before coming to college where we all met. His parents are missionaries in Oaxaca, and they are in town this week visiting as part of their overall summer travel in the States. Our friend has taken them to all the "must see" places in the area, including Huber's Orchard & Winery (I don't think you've truly lived in Louisville until you've experienced Huber's...hence my desire to go at least once before we move away from here!). So while we chatted and reminisced and heard stories of missionary experience and travel, we indulged:

My heart rejoiced when I saw this pile of heavenly strawberry delight in a pie pan! I think I ate about half the pie myself, complemented with a hot cup of coffee. I mean, really, it couldn't have been better - my best friend would have loooooved it, and I thought of her while we filled ourselves with strawberry goodness~

It was such a nice evening of conversation and being totally spoiled. Our friend's mother is truly gifted at making people feel at home, having welcomed us with immediate warmth and hospitality. I felt like I had known them for years even though I hadn't met them before last night. While she busied herself with food and coffee, her husband told us great stories of some of their experiences traveling and meeting different people. I especially enjoyed the story he told of a couple they met more than 30 years ago whom they will be visiting with again in the near future. Stories of how God crosses our paths with others on the journey always encourage my heart. Their stories and the experiences they have already had thus far reminded me, too, of how much I am looking forward to growing old with my own husband. So while it was extremely difficult dragging myself out of bed this morning in time for work, the sluggish morning was worth it for the sweet night we shared with good friends~

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Ashley said...

What a blessing! Dessert looks fabulous!