Monday, October 16, 2006

~Pray for Lisa~

Lisa never ceases to bring a smile to your face. You can be sure that she will always have a thoughtful, caring word while also being ready for some spontaneous fun. She's one you can sit with over a cup of coffee, or plan on going out to the latest art festival in town (always something to do in Louisville!). I've been encouraged by her not just from attending the same church, but also by having her as one of my downstairs neighbors. I can call ahead of time or just show up randomly at her door, but whatever the case may be, she is always up for a chat.
This coming January will, Lord-willing, mark a new chapter in her life as Lisa will be joining a couple overseas. The family she is going with will be there indefinitely as career missionaries through the International Mission Board, while Lisa will be with them for six months. Her primary tasks will be attending to the family as they are adjusting to the new culture as well as creating even stronger ties there for future opportunities involving our church.
I have been particularly compelled to pray for Lisa during this significant time of transition in her life. Not only have I been moved to pray for her preparations and time spent overseas, but more directly for her preparation inwardly--in her heart. The combination of singleness and being in that uncertain season of life called your 20's can be rather trying. While others around you are getting settled into careers, getting married, beginning families, singleness can bring with it times of doubt as to what the Lord has ordained as the next chapter. The transitional time of post-college and finding your "place" can seem to never end, and every decision you make comes with the knowledge that it will directly effect every step thereafter. So I pray for Lisa, that this is a time in which her eyes are fixed on Him and her faith is increasing daily. I am excited for her during this time of transition, and I pray fervently that this is a time when she is more aware than ever before of her utter dependence and hope in Him.
I know I will miss my neighbor downstairs, whether it be the random invite to discuss new scrapbooking materials, keeping my dog from busting through the window just to say "Hello" to her cat, or having an unexpected, wonderfully candid conversation in passing on the front porch about what the Lord has been doing in recent days or weeks.
If You say 'Go,' we will go
If You say 'Wait,' we will wait
If You say 'Step out on the water,' and they say it can't be done
We'll fix our eyes on You and we will come

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