Thursday, January 25, 2007

Soup n' Snow!

In celebration of both the pending snow and this adorable little man, my boyfriend and I ate dinner at our friends' house. Bob and Dan have been best friends since college, and Eryn just graduated from PT school in Abilene. Bob and I have thoroughly enjoyed having friends here in Louisville with whom we can share both new and old memories. They've had Jackie, the big sister, for a couple of years now and have been wanting to find a little brother for her. Last week, they brought Otto home, and he definitely had everyone's attention!

Jackie strongly disapproved of a dog she saw on TV...

Meet the chefs! Bob and Dan slaved away in the kitchen for a couple of hours. While Eryn was supervising Otto, I asisted the men in the kitchen. And what did I make, you ask?


Bob made this incredible homemade baked potato soup! Dan and Eryn have invited us for dinner on several occasions, so we decided we would return the favor. With my delicious bisquits and his divine soup, we had ourselves one tasty dinner! I love that we can get together with good friends, friends who have come with us from Texas to Louisville for that matter, and do such things as eat and drink in fellowship with each other. Forget events scheduled on the calendar--nothing beats randomly celebrating the first snow and getting together with friends for an evening of soup, bisquits, and doggies. (Forgot to take pics of the cheesecake--that wasn't homemade.)


Gretchen said...

YUMMMMMMMMMM! Bring some of THOSE to my house!

You guys are so fun!

Amber said...

Can I have the biscuit recipe pleeeeeze?

Gretchen said...

I am drooling over the picture of the biscuits again because we ate leftover soup for lunch today and we just had to have plain crackers in it!

Also, you left your bag of stuff. Does it have the recipe in it? If so, I can give it Amber!

GloryandGrace said...

Haha, no it DOESN'T have the recipe in it, but I'd of course be willing to share it ;)

I was thinking, if you're going to be off work, I could swing by after my class is over tomorrow? It's over at 5:50, and if it's alright, I can swing by, get that bag, and then also loan you the MacArthur book. I was honest with myself tonight in admitting that I'm not realistically going to get to that book anytime soon... As tempting as it is, there's no way! So you're more than welcome to go ahead and borrow it.