Friday, October 19, 2007

78 Days ~ Sitting Down with the Calendar

  • October 27th - Couple's Shower at church
  • November 3rd - Bridal Portraits
  • November 9th - Shower hosted by my bridesmaid here in Louisville
  • November 17th - Shower in Fort Worth hosted by my matron of honor
  • November 23rd - Fiance' moving into the townhome while I'm still in Texas
  • November 26th - Final Exam Week
  • December - Work Work Work and moving my things into the townhome
  • December 29th - Driving to back to Texas!
(And let's not forget the little matter of schoolwork due between now and the end of November)
My reaction to my calendar?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funderstorm said...

Not to mention the small detail of planning the wedding. Got songs? No pressure...just asking.

ColoradoDreaming said...

Wow! It is coming fast!!!!!!! I know you are so excited!

Amanda said...

WHOA! haha...that is A LOT! (sigh) ahhh the wedding planning days... haha.. well you are doing a great job! I can't imagine doing school stuff at the same time!

Amber said...

These next couple of months will be gone before you know it, and the wedding will be here! I'm so glad I have the honor of sharing in your joy and excitement!!! I love you, my Saturn Babe! ;)

Anonymous said...
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