Sunday, October 28, 2007

69 Days ~ Overwhelming Thanks

I thought "Overwhelming Thanks" would be appropriate just in case all of the pictures to follow don't give away how we came away from our shower last night. Our small group from church threw a couples wedding shower TEXAS-style (picnic tablecloth, Texas flag on the wall, and coordinating balloons).

Rene' made red velvet cake! She also administered the "Pre-Newlywed Game" later on in the evening (see below). I was absolutely beside myself when I went into the dining room and saw those scrumptuous, gigantic pieces of red velvet cake.

Courtney provided the punch!

Sina provided the pound cake (oh yes, and we did bring leftovers back to my apartment)!

I had no idea how many people were planning on attending the shower, but needless to say, I was quite suprised!

Dan & Eryn - THE best best man and bridesmaid EVER (she is my sanity when my other girls are hundreds of miles away)

Jay & Lynn - I was given the wonderful honor of singing in their wedding just four weeks ago.

Christina - Also a newlywed as of August 18! Christina and her husband, Ryan, graciously volunteered to take pictures during the shower as well as keeping the list of all the gifts we received.

One of Ryan's pictures in attempt to "capture" the shower decorations. Trust me, this wasn't all of them and Christina had to take the camera away from him after just a few minutes...heehee

The "Pre-Newlywed Game" - I don't remember which question this was exactly, but here are a few that were asked: "Which of your dogs is really Bob's favorite?" "Bob, in one word how would you describe her personality?" - Just so you know, his answer was "her patience" and I thought he was going to say "weird."

There were a couple of moments when I had to fight back tears - I'm so sentimental that even reading the thoughtful, sweet cards was getting to me.

Need I say more? PYREX!

I have the wonderful joy of working with Teresa. She was the first person I met there two years ago and was the very first person who trained me on the job. Her and her husband, Ryan, recently married and I have been so encouraged by how content she is and how good he is to her. We were so pleasantly surprised by their coming to the shower, that I almost cried when they left for the evening (are we starting to see the trend here with my emotions?). And for the record, Ryan is from Louisiana...a fellow Cajun and lover of bayous and crawfish.

And last but not least, the WONDERFUL hosts for the evening, Tom and Nikki. I have been encouraged by them since attending our church, and we were so excited when they offered to host the shower. The evening was so sweet and lowkey, encouraging and overwhelming. Overwhelming because things are so surreal at this point. As I was opening the gifts, each bag and the contents therein, I couldn't help but feel so deeply touched by these wonderful brothers and sisters who so gladly wanted to help get us started as a married couple. I was most moved by the prayers last night, prayers that our marriage would deepen our intimacy with Christ as we enter into and grow in unity as one. I am all the more aware today, after an evening of such love and fellowship, of just how good it is when the body of Christ joins together. I am amazed, and all the moreso knowing that we still have two months until the wedding day!


Anonymous said...

You probably hear this all the time, but you have a really GREAT (and contagious!) smile:) Keep smiling! BTW, tonight I was really stressed with school, and it reminded me to stop and pray for you--who have not only school and lots of work (much more than I), but also all the wedding preparations! I love you, friend! Keep trusting Christ!

Amanda said...

how fun!! These pictures are so cute! You look beautiful!!

Funderstorm said...

You are so stunningly beautiful! The light of your beauty comes from within and totally enhances what God has created outwardly, as well. The whole package! How blessed Bob is! Does he know?

ColoradoDreaming said...

As I have read your words through all of this I see such a desire to reach God's best in your lives and I am encouraged by it. You two look great together and I can see by the looks in your eyes how much you love each other. Hang on to that and to the Lord always and you will always find joy in life, even when the hard times come. Luv ya bunches!!!!

Panda-Mom said...


jennypen said...

Jennifer, you're radiant. I can only imagine what you'll look like on your wedding day. I'm so excited about this time for you that I'm dreaming about the wedding. I can't wait to see you!

Eowyn's Heir said...

lol...good times. remembering Ryan with that camera just made me start laughing out loud!! we want to hang out with you guys!