Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Evening Snowed In

This was the glorious view from our back door and patio
View from the front door - I would have spent more time trying to get a better picture, but it was 18 degrees, so I just took the picture and got back inside as fast as I could!

Nali is like a little kid when she gets out in the snow, and she could seriously entertain me for hours! She turns into a giddy kid, prancing around trying to bite at the snow in the air and seeing how much snow she can get piled up on her nose.

Nali and Maia having taste tests of the fluffy white stuff

Speaking of tastes...what a perfect evening to try out our new bread machine!

Proof to everyone that if I can assist in making bread successfully ("assist" with the intention of communicating that my husband did the work), then ANYONE can use one of these machines! You literally dump the four ingredients into the machine, and it does all the work for you. Three hours later, you have this beautiful loaf of sweet bread!

What a cozy, late night snack before going to bed...


Amber said...

what fun! I love your short hairdo on you!

jennypen said...

Wow. My first thought when I saw that you were snowed in was, "Uh, oh, I wonder if Bob got stuck there overnight." It will take some time for me to completely be used to the idea of my oldest friend being a married woman!

Adrian said...

My husband has taken to baking bread, but hasn't been able to make the loaves the same size. We envy your new bread maker! I love the new look and new married life posts! Love you, too!

Stephanie Robertson said...

How cozy!! I see the snow in your pictures and think about how nice it would be to have a snowed in evening here in Dallas. I am liking the 70+ degree here though. That bread looks GOOD!