Sunday, February 17, 2008

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Comes to Louisville!

There are parties all across this city and state tonight as fans watch their favorite University of Louisville band member: Patrick Henry Hughes. The home makeover team came to Louisville this past fall, so we have all been anxiously waiting to see the results of their hard work. Of course, anyone can simply drive over to the Hughes familiy's neighborhood to see the house, but what fun is that when the show is airing tonight on national television?

If you get a chance, go over to Patrick Henry's website to read more about him and his family. How incredible is this--when Ty Pennington asked him about his disability, his response was "I don't see my blindness as an ability, but as a disability." He went on to say that he doesn't see what everyone else sees, so he is less likely to judge people by their externals since he can't see that aspect of the individuals he encounters. He and his dad march in the University of Louisville, and yes, he is also a piano extraordinaire.

Check out the website:

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Stephanie Robertson said...

I saw a commercial for this the other day, and I quickly changed the channel. I've seen this father son duo before, and it's more than my heart can take.