Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well, if you still have not read my previous post, please do so. However, my sweet friend Anna tagged me, so I thought I would participate since I haven't done one of these in a long time!

10 Years Ago:
Others may be able to answer this one better than me since they actually put up with me back then! Simple answer - I was kind of a mess. A spastic, Dr Pepper-addicted mess. I was loud (well, I still am but it's at least manageable now), and pretty much sang and danced everywhere I went. I don't say it lightly that I am VERY thankful for the friends who put up with me and whom I can still call friends! But, the mess that was me aside, at this time ten years ago, I was preparing for my trip to Israel. Those same friends of mine know that trip was an incredibly life-changing experience regarding both what I saw in the Holy Land as well as how the Lord was working in my heart.

Things on My To Do List Today:
*Meet my husband on campus for lunch in between his two classes
*Attend (and volunteer to help at) the seminar being hosted on campus by the Center for Biblical Counseling. The speaker is Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Idols of the Heart, Women Helping Women, and Love to Eat - Hate to Eat. The seminar is for women only, and then there is a Q&A time at the end for counseling majors only. I can't wait! ***If you want copies of the notes, please let me know!! The theme is "Because He Loves Me: How God's Love Transforms our Identity and Life."
*Kick back and relax at home this evening with my husband and puppy dogs, enjoying the fact that tomorrow is FRIDAY!
*Watching the results show for American Idol
*Reading and writing in my journal before going to bed

What Would I Do If I Suddenly Became a Billionaire?
Uhh, now there's a question! How can I even begin to answer something I can't fathom nor will I ever attain??? Even if I did the things I wanted to do, how much of that billion would still be still unaccounted for?

3 of My Bad Habits:
1. Driving with one knee when I'm busy doing something else with my hands -- yes, I know it's terrible, but it's true! I'll be opening up something to drink, or plugging in my phone charger, and without thinking about it I'll start using my right knee to control the steering wheel.
2. Starting three or four books at a time, and taking forever to finish them because I've started three or four books at a time, rather than focusing on just one or two.
3. My husband has to ask me almost every night if I remembered to wash my face and brush my teeth before getting into bed. I'll get in to bed to read before falling asleep and then forget since that's what you do when you fall asleep. He has to come wake me up and then I can throw a rather amusing fit that I have to get back out of bed after being so cozy and asleep.

5 Jobs I've Had:
1. Student assistant for the one of my professors in college. My GPA was the highest this year since there weren't all the many tasks I could complete for the professor when I was just a junior. So when I wasn't working on a random project or some sort, I was working on my schoolwork! The professor I worked for was actually a senior professor, one who was well beyond the age of retirement but loved teaching that much to stick with it. Once a week, we would split an A&W Root Beer from the stash he kept in his office.
2. Admissions Rep. at a hospital in Abilene during my senior year of college. I absolutely loved that job, and I know it had a lot to do with my love for the elderly. Many older adults would have to come in through our department, and I had the opportunity of escorting them to their hospital rooms. It's amazing the kind of conversations I would engage in with some of the patients I met, and I learned that serving in such a position really can make or break someone's experience while in the hospital. I also loved the ladies I worked with, as they were always so encouraging and excited along with me about almost being finished with college.
3. A resident assistant at the Abilene State School immediately following college graduation. This is a facility that houses adults with mental and/or physical disabilities. I worked in a cottage with some of the more high-functioning ladies, and even though the job was one of the most emotionally taxing things I have ever experienced, I still miss those ladies. My names among the ladies at the cottage were either "Miss Lady" or "Jee-Fee." I think of them often, and miss the mean ones just as much as the sweet ones. I don't think I'll ever forget the nights I got to help the ladies to bed, take them to the little chapel services, and I know I will never forget my absolute favorite one who decided to throw a full can of soda at me one night when I wouldn't let her take it to her room.
4. Substitute teaching in the school district where I grew up. My how times have changed...that's all I have to say about that!
5. I currently work for an energy management company, one of the last fields I would have ever thought of working in. I've been here for over 2 years and I really could not ask for a better job while finishing my seminary education. I am also beyond blessed to daily work alongside some very godly, encouraging believers.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me:
1. I am left-handed, but I can comfortably use my right hand for many other tasks like using scissors and alternating which hand has the knife or the fork at a meal.
2. I enter an office supply store like a child entering a candy store...and I'm kind of a pen snob. If I don't like the way it writes, I won't use it.
3. Right before we got my youngest dog, Maia, I started looking around for breeders and adoption shelters for what kind to buy. I got all the way through the application process for adopting a blind Australian Shepherd before telling my husband (then boyfriend) about it. When I told him it would work out great "because Nali could help it around the house", he gently informed me that it would be very unwise...and that Nali's not a person.
4. I like a good dill pickle and peanut butter every once in awhile.
5. And yes, last but not least, I once was a Spice Girl.

Now I'm Tagging: Anyone who is reading this and has not seen this same survey already, well, it's your turn! (PandaMom, Amber, etc.) So I'll be looking out for it on your blogs :)


anna said...

yeah Jennifer for filling it out!:) it's kind of silly, but fun(and to do it at work while i'm on the phone, not bad at all!)

tonight was so great...i'm glad we were able to hear such encouraging truth--the Gospel of Hope! I'm going to really need to consider all that was taught!! God's Word is stinkin' encouraging! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and i'll see you in class soon!!:)

Colorado Dreamin' said...

My Jennifer is left handed and can cut and do other things with her right hand! How funny!

Sarah said...

I think we have much more in common than I thought! I am a pen snob (not as much as my husband), I worked at a home for developmentally disabled people, I am addicted to American Idol, and I too was once a Spice Girl (I will not say which one....) :-)