Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Water of the Word

We received seemingly countless gifts in honor and celebration of our union as husband and wife. Everything from towels to dishes were received at showers and at our doorstep. One little present, however, holds a unique place in our hearts as we walk this journey of marriage together.

One of my husband's best friends, Andrew, gave us a copy of his book Water of the Word. This little book is a compilation of prayers he has written over the course of a few years for his future wife. What began with him praying Scripture for her turned into prayers he wrote down and eventually put into a collection. He first gave it to some friends of his as a wedding gift, and we were more than honored to receive the same. Andrew even referred us to a specific page which included the specific prayer he had in mind for us.

Andrew has spent the past year or more spreading his book to numerous readers, particularly men who are fervently dedicated to praying for their wives and some of whom have direct connections with noted Christian publishers. We recently received word that the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood is now promoting and selling his book on their website! Soon after, the staff interviewed him and the transcript from the interview is posted on the website here.

Water of the Word: Intercession for Her is currently one of the featured products on CBMW's website, and my husband and I are also more than honored to promote his book to anyone who desires to pray for his or her spouse. I have even given a copy of Andrew's book in recent months to a single friend of mine who is committed to prayer for her future spouse. This little book is a treasure, and just one more reason why my husband and I are continually encouraged by Andrew's faithfulness to the Lord.

(One more plug : you can also hear some of Andrew's music for free download at www.hismagnificence.com.)


jennypen said...

Wow. What an amazing gift to you and for his future spouse! I can't wait to read it. (However, I'm currently on Chapter 2 of the book I'm reading, and considering it seems to take forever for me to finish a book, it may be a little while. Still, I'm excited about it!)

Ashley said...


I can't remember - did you read/recommend "Respectable Sins"?

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Sounds intreging!How can I get it?

Adrian said...

How exciting! What a joy it must be to be a part of this experience!