Monday, May 05, 2008

4 Months & Another Shindig at the Party Palace

Goodness, how time flies!! We celebrated our four-month anniversary this weekend by digging into our cake topper. The cake itself wasn't actually too bad, a little dry but still edible. (My husband's been slightly bitter since the reception that we didn't really get to eat any of the red velvet cake we were so excited about having.) While the cake itself was good, the sugar flowers and bow on top were...

...not so edible. This rose was in the trashcan about ten seconds after I put it in my mouth. (I was also a little delirious in this picture, so feel free to ignore it. It's the end of the semester and I had a counseling paper due - enough said!) Sunday after was spent at another Party Palace gathering. We had not had one since Easter, so it seemed only appropriate that we have a going away party for dear friends. Dan and Eryn (best man and bridesmaid) are in the small group we have been attending, and they are moving back to the great state of Texas this week. My husband and I have been extremely encouraged by the small group we have been in since visiting this church, and having our Texas friends in the same group has made it all the more enjoyable.

Girls swing while boys play ball! (Anna, Kate, Eryn, M, and Sarah)

A fun game of bocci ball that we watched from the vantage point of the swingset

No BBQ here is complete without a game of cornhole (I still don't know how to play but apparently everyone here does and loves it)

Can't beat good fellowship and good weather!


A family of monkeys! (I think this is all of them - it's hard to tell when they're all in motion!)

Representing Texas well (Joe, Sarah, Eryn, Dan, me and my husband)

I'm not sure they knew that this is how the picture turned out! We are really going to miss them, and truly wish them the best in their move and in this new journey. They have been such dear friends to us, and I have enjoyed getting to know Eryn more. Those of us from Texas have several years of treasured memories together, and my husband and I have enjoyed the season we have had with them here in Louisville. We love you guys!!!


Colorado Dreamin' said...

Despite all the good wishes.... dont you just HATE goodbyes! I do! But I am getting more used to it than I used to be. One day we will all be fellowshiping at the feet of Jesus together so that makes it more bareable.

Stephanie Robertson said...

Guess you have to move to TX now.

jennypen said...

:-) I like Stef's idea! Great pictures, Jenn. I'd love to see more pics of your family and home if you have any.

Panda-Mom said...

Looks like fun, but half the pics didn't load for me. I'll try again later! Happy 4 months!

Amanda said...

awww... love all of those pictures! and WOW!! 4 months?!?! I guess that is totally right! It was about the same time as I had Eli! Crazy!