Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4 and Happy 6!

Happy 4th of July!! What were our big holiday plans? We didn't have any, and it was GREAT! My husband and I are both right in the middle of summer classes, so all we really had on the agenda for the extended weekend was to sleep in. (I think I would always wake up on weekdays with a smile on my face if I didn't have to set an alarm as was the case yesterday morning.) Since we had the day off and since my husband was going to grill steaks for dinner, I figured it was a perfectly good opportunity to try yet another recipe. So while he was getting all the goods ready for that, I was making these delectable blonde brownies. Thanks to my co-worker Ashley for the recipe, and she wasn't joking - you can't go wrong with these blonde beauties!
And Happy 6-month anniversary!! On some days I can't believe that we have already been married for six months, and on other days I can't believe we have only been married six months!

My husband truly is my best friend, and I could have never known in all our years of dating that our love for one another could be so deep. I have always been told that you continue to grow in that love as your relationship matures and blossoms with time, but never could I have imagined how wonderful that journey is. I am overwhelmed at the encouraging, self-sacrificing love we have for one another already, and to think that such is only going to continue growing is nothing short of incredible. I look at this man everyday, and I am amazed at the fact that I actually get to walk with him for however many years the Lord affords. So this is, the mystery truly is profound. And here's to the first six months. May the Lord continue blessing our relationship, increasing our love for one another in this life's journey of knowing and becoming more like Him.


Adrian said...

Wow! Happy six months! I can't believe it's already been so long. Congrats!

love you. miss the emails.


jennypen said...

Beautiful post and beautiful couple!

Amanda said...

that is a GREAT picture of you two!! so lovely!