Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nothing like a fun birthday on a hot summer day!

40 Scripture memory verses, 95 pages of notes, 5 books, and a 10-page assignment later, I am finally able to rest. Although I still have the final exam to complete before next Friday, I am done with my summer class. My husband just finished his 6-week Hebrew class as well, so we have both spent the past day doing very little that requires an extended amount of thinking. I was so tired last night, I fell asleep while doing laundry, and he had to come and remind me that there were wet clothes still waiting to be dried. All that to say that we are definitely enjoying our Saturday!
While my husband is still recooperating, I decided to go to a birthday party this afternoon. BreAnna is one of my newest friends at church, and she is celebrating her "20-10" birthday as she referred to it. There was a good number of people there and just one more chance for me to meet people that we still haven't gotten a chance to know. (This picture is of BreAnna, her husband Micah, and sweet little Toby!)

This could be very dangerous...I was introduced to a new shop here in town that specializes in cake. I am most certain that we will be visiting this little shop in the very near future...

You can't go to a party without the kids asking to have their picture taken! I talked to these little girls about popsicles and Disney stuff, and they of course wanted to me to take a picture just so they could see themselves. So cute!

Even though the flash didn't come on for this picture, I still liked it ~ Me and the birthday girl cooling off in her kitchen

Happy birthday, BreAnna! I hope you enjoy your day and that you had a wonderful time at the party!

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BreAnna Fowler said...

Well, aren't you a sweetheart. Thanks for posting the pics. The kids looked so hot and sweaty! Thank you also for the Burts Beeswax stuff...awesome. Looking forward to another opportunity to get to hang out soon.