Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Three of Seeing by Candlelight

This was taken from my cell phone on the way home from work yesterday at a stoplight. We would normally go straight, but we clearly had to take a detour. This is just one example of the warzone this particular area of Louisville currently resembles.

So here we are well into day three without power, along with the other 170,000 Louisville residents. The official total in the city yesterday was around 205,000 with the state total at 607,000 which surpassed the original record set by the windstorm back in September. While we have obviously not enjoyed the task of warming ourselves at night with temps in the 20s, there are plenty of things for which we are still thankful. There are still counties in Kentucky without power and heat and water, something I am thankful we have not had to endure. We are thankful for the amount of businesses that are still open, as it has allowed us to eat out and purchase any necessary items that come to mind. A few things I have learned over the past three days (and I'm sure I will continue learning as the days wear on, however many we may have left!):

1. When you don't have power, but still have hot water, be thankful! The heat and steam or not only calming (and cleaning!), but also help warm the upstairs temporarily.

2. When you don't have power and the ability to cook a hot meal, get creative! My husband purchased a little camping stove that can be used outdoors with these cute little propane things (yes, I did refer to them as "cute."). We also searched around for any remaining gift cards, and happened to still have one, so last night treated ourselves to some Outback specials!

3. Dogs make for great space heaters, and they are glad to be of assistance.

4. Blankets, blankets, blankets. You would be surprised at what layering can do to warm up the body, so pile them up when you get ready to climb into bed.

5. Thermals, thermals, thermals. I have been wearing mine at home under pajamas and sweatshirts, and I have been amazed at how well insulated they are.

6. Just because your house is freezing cold doesn't necessarily mean that the fridge is going to keep. Thankfully I didn't go on a shopping spree the day before, so we are not having to throw away a huge amount!

7. Hand warmers make for great space heaters (second to dogs, of course). The ones we found at the sporting goods store were only $1 for a pack of two, and each pack lasts up to 10 hours. If you stick them under the blankets, rather than wasting the heat by only warming your hands, they will eventually warm up the bed.

8. This one may sound silly, but it's true (or you may already know this and be shaking your head at my ignorance!): When your nose is freezing and running, it's tempting and easy to mouth breathe. However, you will keep your body heat better by breathing through your nose rather than the mouth breathing (and you won't sound like a moron).

9. The combined scents of pumpkin spice, cinnamon spice, apple pie, honeysuckle, vanilla, and some other pink one make for an interesting assortment. Beware if you have already have a sensitivity to strong smells as this might take you over the edge.

10. There is ALWAYS room to be thankful regardless of your current predicament (though somedays you might honestly not feel so thankful).

10. I already knew this but the realization has only increased: my husband is a genius. He knows and has thought of so many things that I would never have crossed my mind. I feel all the more cared for and safe under his concern, wisdom, and thought. I'm certainly glad one of us thinks through things rather than being reactionary... This "adventure" has deepened my love and trust for him all the more.

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