Thursday, January 29, 2009

Power Outage Take Two

These were taken with my cell phone on Tuesday morning. At that time, enough snow and ice had fallen to cause us all to hold our breath in anticipation for what was in store in the hours and days to come. On Tuesday I went to work as usual, and by the time we all left to go home, our cars had over an inch of ice encapsulating them, and the freezing rain pouring down was seemingly relentless.

Since Tuesday afternoon, we have hunkered down in our homes to endure 20 hours of freezing rain and up to five more inches of snow. The radio reports have estimated a quarter of a million in our area without power, not including the rest of Kentucky and southern Indiana. This makes for the second largest power outage in the state's history...just five months after the state's largest.


If you think to, please pray for all of the individuals and families who are without power this week. The temperature is not expected to climb above freezing until the weekend, so that poses even greater difficulty for all of the workers trying to get the state functioning again. Though the outage in September was larger, the temperatures that time of year were more bearable. Residents now are faced with trying to heat their homes without the capability of doing so, and some are even without hot water. Pray that those who need the help will seek and receive, and may the Lord bless those who give freely of their own resources.

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BreAnna Fowler said...

do ya'll need a warm place to go? We have heat and hot water. Call me if you need anything!