Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Little Valentines Weekend

So my husband and I decided that Valentines Day in the years to come will probably remain very simple. When you have an anniversary in January and both birthdays in April, you just have to pick your all-out celebrations, right? But, he does know how to please! Not only did I get exquisite roses and chocolate (enough to please me!), but he also made us French toast with strawberries and powdered sugar for dinner...mmm, good times.
On Sunday evening, we took part in the first annual Valentines Day banquet at our church. Not only was it all done on a small budget, but the decorations were beautiful, the food was scrumptuous, and the fellowship was great.

I think there was more dessert than actual dinner - sounds reasonable to me!

That is our pastor and his wife on the right side of me (and my silly husband on the left just in case you missed him, hehe). I actually had not met the others at the table yet, so it was a great time of getting to know them as well. We talked about school, sheep, and cake balls~

This is the sign I made for the (Not-So) Newlywed Game we played after dinner. Four couples were asked to serve as contestants, and we happened to be one of the lucky couples to sit in the hot seat~

The competition~

One of our first questions: "What does your wife love to make for dinner that you hate to eat?"
This one was good: "What does your wife do that annoys you the most?"
As silly as the game was, I was reminded of how blessed I am by all of the couples at church. There is a range of history represented, couples who have come from and met in very different circumstances, and they are all just so very encouraging. My prayer of late is that we will continue to grow in unity, and not for the sake of growing in number, but that we might as one body yearn for and draw near to the Lord. We have Him to praise for where He has brought us, and we have Him to praise for whatever the future has in store!


Carissa said...

So what were the answers to the questions? ; )

Ashley said...

I'm curious as to the answers too!

Beautiful sign!

Adrian said...

Cake balls??

Ashley said...

Just stopping by to say hello! :)

You Little O Wife said...

It's March! Where's your new post? :)
Love you!!!