Friday, March 06, 2009

Randomness Ahead...'ve been warned. In my lack of blogging the past couple of weeks, and in the midst of a quiet season, there is not much that seems to merit the dedication of a focused entry. But, alas, here I am, and I'm determined to write something, even if none of what I write comes together in one coherent thought.

Here's the very random and brief rundown of the events in recent weeks:
1) My husband had the flu - I have never seen him as sick as he was last week. He was miserable and we thought he would never break the 101.5 fever he held onto for a few days. In ways only the Lord can orchestrate, the week was a sweet time for us. His illness was yet another "growth spurt" for us in that I was given the opportunity to care for and serve him in some of the most basic tasks, and he in return rarely, if ever, complained. It's amazing how such good can come out of something like a case of the flu.
2) I've seen two movies in the theater in less than a week's time: "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic." I have personal reviews in mind for both of these films, and in conversation you would find that I would recommend both for various reasons.
3) I had another interview at work for a different position (again). I tried to hold out on not telling anyone, and I have still managed to do so here at work. I have learned something about myself - the more I share with people, the more my hopes are elevated. This isn't always a good thing, particularly when it comes time for the interviewing manager to share the bad news of not being the candidate they have selected. There is no news of this position yet, but I can at least say it was the most encouraging interview I've had here thus far. The manager with whom I met actually thought it was a good thing that my resume does not reflect the typical experience or educational background he is used to seeing. He actually liked that I bring a unique background to this company, something I'm not exactly accustomed to hearing...
4) My dog decided to help herself to some of my husbands's leftover medicine from last week, causing us to panic and wonder if she would suffer death by off-brand cold relief. Thankfully, we have a friend we were able to call who gave us some pointers on symptoms to look for, so we were on night watch for a couple of hours. And, thankfully, the dog that did the chomping is also the one whom we affectionately refer to as "The Iron Stomach."
5) The class I decided to audit this semester has proven to be a real joy to attend, and the Lord confirms each week that it was for my good that I take a semester off to think things through.
6) I've been trying to journal more consistently. And I'm actually nearing the end of my current journal, which is always somewhat thrilling to me as it indicates that I get to start writing on fresh, blank pages in the very near future. The journal I keep now was blank once upon a time, and since the start of filling the lines with ink, I have gotten engaged, entered into marriage with my husband, and celebrated our first full year. This one will probably be tucked away as the most cherished I have ever kept.
7) And I'm still trying to make reading a priority at least a few minutes each day. On the bedside table are: Persuasion by Jane Austen, Women Leading Women by Martin & Stovall, and Foundations for Soul Care by Dr. Eric Johnson.

Is this a pathetic excuse for a blog entry? (Yes...) I don't think it is necessarily because it at least lets my faithful readers know that I'm still alive and kicking!


Ashley said...

I was just about to send an email to check on you!! Loved reading the randomness. :)

jennypen said...

I appreciate any update on you I can get!


You Little O Wife said...

Thanks for the update! Hope Bob fully recovers soon!