Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Double Dose of Pink!

For the second time in just four months, I was blessed to take part in hosting a sweet baby shower for two of the women at Grace this past Saturday. Both are having girls (one having just barely made it and welcomed daughter #3 into the world today!!), so we went all out with the pink! The tablescape was beautiful, and the food was heavenly. One of the women has a chocolate fondue fountain, so we had all of the goodies for that, and then I tried my hand at strawberry cake sandwiches (which could be its own blog entry on the near-disaster which almost took place in my kitchen on Friday night).
These are the two wonderful, adorable mommies we honored on Saturday~

This picture does not do justice to the gift they were each given from our pastor's wife. She made these sweet blankets with her very own hands, and the sentimental side of me teared up at the thought of how meaningful a gift these will be for years to come~

And these lovely ladies are the ones whom we honored in November - my how time flies! Those two little ones are definitely crowd favorites wherever they go~

There was a thought lingering in my mind this week as I kept reminding myself to post these pictures...the time is short, so we savor and enjoy it while we can... If each us at that sweet shower this past weekend look around, we see other women and their husbands who are in very similar seasons of life. The vast majority of us are going to be entering into ministry alongside our husbands in the very near future, and the exact location is unknown. I was told numerous times by one of my dearest friends back home that one of the bittersweet realities of ministry is the meeting and parting of friends along the journey. I count myself blessed to have had in the past, and also currently, friends who have graciously reminded me of this as a means of encouragement and preparation. I love the women at Grace so much. We each have very different schedules from week to week, but when we meet together for such celebrations, the time is truly sweet. Oh, may we savor this fleeting season, and then take with us in the months and years ahead what we have learned!


Amber said...

That's a wonderful attitude/stance to take and something that God has been teaching me recently as well. Regardless of your career/calling in life, we cannot be focused on "getting there"; it's about enjoying the whole journey! May we not take any phase of this precious life and the blessings we receive in them for granted!

Looks like a WONDERFUL shower. I would eat your strawberry cake sandwiches, regardless of what they looked like! ;)

BreAnna Fowler said...

Well said, and your cookie sandwiches were just fine, silly! Thanks for spear-heading the effort, I COULD NOT have done it without you!!!

Kenny and Jana said...

Thanks for leaving Charlie & Sam a message!!! :)

Stephanie Robertson said...

Is it a large church? Or are there just a slew of pregnancies?

GloryandGrace said...

Haha, I don't think under 100 members constitutes a large church, so yes, there are just a slew of pregnancies ;)

Sarah said...

I haven't been on your blog in ages.....such a fun and meaningful post! I love baby showers. :-) And I love seeing women together, celebrating new life and encouraging that life to be surrounded by God's Word!
(Was it held at your house? What a beautiful home!)