Monday, March 30, 2009

The Much-Needed Vacation Day

Rather than planning a hectic day of events, my husband and I opted to keep it simple and relaxed. After lunch, we drove over the river to historic Jeffersonville, Indiana to check out Schimpff's Confectionery. We have heard of this little shop since moving here almost four years ago, and had never been. The Schimpffs have been operating for over 100 years, and they have been featured in numerous magazines and on Food Network. We were given a tour of the entire shop before the owners took us through the candy-making process.
This is what customers see upon first walking into the candy shop - a wall filled with presses of various shapes and sizes for the variety of candies they make.

I couldn't help but smile at the little lady who sits just inside the window making her little candies all day. We were really amazed by just how much of what is made is done purely by hand (and she promised us that she doesn't lick her fingers in the process).

The sugar mixture boiling in preparation for making the cinnamon candy

They told us during our tour that this table has been used since 1891 in the candy-making process!

We were each given a sample of their famous cinnamon candy, and then we were sure to purchase some on the way out the door~

This is the area of the shop where they sell all of the candy to the customers. This place was packed! On a Monday afternoon, in the middle of the day, we were squeezing around people trying to see what all they had and then to simply get out the door.

I, of course, could not end the day in good conscience without our traditional photo (it really is becoming a habit, and I thank my husband for his patience with my obsession). We ended the afternoon by eating an early dinner at Rocky's Italian Grill on the Indiana side of the Riverfront. The weather was beautiful, and it was so peaceful to sit together in the quiet restaurant and enjoy good food. I was so glad to have the day to rest and relax, and being able to share it with my husband, my best friend, made it all the more sweet.


Stephanie Robertson said...

How Fun!!! Sounds like the perfect vacation day to me.

Super cute picture of the two of you... although you can tell by your faces who's idea the picture was :-)

jennypen said...

You two are adorable!

I'm glad you had fun - hope you didn't have too much red candy.