Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Snapshots of the Storm

(Picture courtesy of Wave 3 News)
Louisville has made the national news three times in less than a year due to the weather! I realized that this morning has I was browsing the countless viewer photos posted on multiple news websites. The picture above was available on one of our local news sites, and depicts almost exactly what I saw from my 4th floor window at work around 8:00am yesterday morning.

I had to leave work early yesterday afternoon, and the two pictures I managed to take show how the sky looked in between the two major systems that came through. It was truly a fascinating sight to behold...

(Picture courtesy of WLKY 32 News)
The aftermath at Churchill Downs

(Picture courtesy of WLKY 32 News)
The biggest headline yesterday was the massive flooding that swept through the University of Louisville campus. The pictures taken of the library and parking lots and other facilities were unbelievable.

The weather is so amazing at times. It often reminds me of how small we are, how we have no control over such events, and brings to mind the vast expanse of God's sovereignty over all things, even the greatest of storms.

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