Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy "40 Minus 1"

From mentor to friend, the Lord has been so sweet to use this woman in my life for many years and in many ways. We are encouraged by this woman always, even from miles and miles away!
Happy "40 Minus 1" Birthday, PandaMom! I meant to post this yesterday, but considering how helplessly sentimental I can be, I didn't find it appropriate to be a blubbering pile of goo at work. (I made the mistake of reading Funderstorm's post first, and that just did me in.) I hope you're having a wonderful birthday weekend with your precious family. All our love~


PandaMom said...

Thank you, friend. ; ) You don't have to write gooey words for me. I know how you feel. Funderstorm, however, kinda lives far away. Her post DID make me bawl...and laugh. Do you remember that Coco and Christina part? A long time ago I bought her a book as a gift from Half Off bookstore and it had a "to/from" message with those two names in it and I didn't know it!!! HAHAHA!

Funderstorm said...

Didn't mean to make you cry. :) But you know how sappy I can be...and not NEARLY as poetic as you. BTW...what have you written lately? I have a few things you gave over the years. Treasures. Pure and simple.