Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Co-Hosting a Fab Baby Shower

Disclaimer: I can take no credit for the incredible diaper cake you see above or the amazing food you see below! I simply put the stuff on the table, and added some bright pink additions here and there~

Me and my sweet friend Marcie hosted a baby shower for our friend Sarah from church this past weekend, and was it ever fun, adorable, and I'm pretty sure we all ate a sinful amount of delicious food (thanks to Marcie, of course!)

The game we played (watched) was perhaps the most hilarious one I have seen yet at a baby shower. Marcie had a series of questions to ask Sarah, and after she answered, we then listened to her husband's pre-recorded answers on the laptop. Anything from "What will the color of the baby's very first poop be?" to "Will you still love Molly even if she ends up going to OU for college?" Needless to say, good times and lots of laughs were had~

If anyone has known me for any length of time, they know that I am extremely sentimental. I would rather have a totally mismatched room of trinkets that hold some significant (or random) value or memory than to go order things from a department store that all match perfectly. It's just the way I'm built, and I'm pretty sure I will always be that way (hence the reason there is one of my grandmother's napkin holders sitting on the shelf in my closet, haha). Well, baby showers for women at Grace are the perfect opportunity for my sentimental waterworks to be tapped! Sarah received two homemade hats (Molly is going to be a little fashionista right away!), and our pastor's wife made an absolutely beautiful quilt. While I was by no means a blubbering mess, I did get teary-eyed as I took pictures of Sarah with her precious, priceless gifts~

We had such a sweet and fun time on Saturday, and it truly was an honor to be able to bless the mommy-to-be.
I have really been trying to savor such times of fellowship and opportunities to bless others, as the seminary season is coming to a close. While my husband and I may still be in limbo for an undetermined period of time, I can sense that things are quickly beginning to change. Couples and families from church are making plans to move away, we are receiving routine graduation reminders, and things are just...changing. This past Saturday was not only a sweet celebration with wonderful women, but it was also a time of reflection on how the Lord has been so gracious in allowing me to meet these ladies during this season. While we may not all be the absolute closest and best of friends, I love this season he has put each of us in. There is such a kindred spirit among us, a bond of friendship that runs deep, a hand always ready to serve one another, and an encouraging word to be shared. No matter where we all go in the months and years ahead, I will always look back on this season, and on knowing these precious women, with gratitude~

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Funderstorm said...

I remember when I first realized there were "Seasons" of life and that as they change so, too, will the people. You are wise to savor the moments and write them on your heart. They will be treasures to pull out and use as worship later on.