Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Unashamed confession time: I have a new addiction...

Yes, that new addiction is "LOST"!! Some friends of ours were kind enough (kind and knowing that we would get hooked!) to loan us the first three seasons on DVD a month or so ago, and then we caught up on the rest of the episodes online. I've laughed, I've teared up, I've sat at work some days hoping for the hours to go by faster so I can get home to watch the next episode, I've sat virtually all day on a Saturday in my pj's glued to my's quite ridiculous, and yet there is no shame to be had. This has seriously been like diving into a wonderful and mysterious novel, except viewing on the TV screen rather than reading words on a page. I don't know when I last enjoyed a series as much as I have this one, and although late to jump on the bandwagon, it has been so much fun to have my husband and our friends here to watch with!
Last night was my first night watching a new episode on the night it actually airs since I was busy getting caught up to speed until this weekend. It just so happened to also be the night our fellow viewing friends decided to have a "Dharma-themed dinner" beforehand (those of you still confused just need to give in to your curiousity and watch the show)! One such friend also happened to have a fun label maker, so she printed out labels for all of our "Dharma-produced" food~

After a dinner of cereal, fruit, and "Dharma beer" (root beer), my husband and I stayed late talking about how we think the story might resolve. Sure, it's just another show on TV to some, but for me it's been a new adventure. I've always been a bookworm, savoring the enjoyment of a novel filled with twists and turns and the totally unexpected, and this show has been no exception to such enjoyment. So this is warning to you all: if you engage in conversation with me in the coming weeks, there's a pretty good chance I will attempt to get you sucked in to the "Lost" world. If not, I'll at least try to teach you how to play a round of backgammon~


Stephanie Robertson said...

Jarrod and I just jumped on the bandwagon ourselves. We were actually able to borrow the DVDs for the first season from the library - had to buy season 2, had to wait FOREVER for season 3 and 4 to be returned to the library for our turn. Over spring break we decided to do our first "free trial" of netflix to get season five and we watched three episodes in a row last night. We used to do this with 24 when Levi was in my belly, or a newborn, so we got through those seasons in no time, but it's harder with a 1 year old! Which is great, because I'm already going to be sad when we are done with season 5 DVDs, and we have to WAIT for season 6 to come out. (we can watch it on HULU, but our internet connection is so choppy, and we'd have to watch it in chairs in front of a PC - not exactly the way I choose to do it)


Do you watch 24? That's the only other show that I've been as crazy about - although I haven't watched this season. I like it on DVD so we don't have to wait a WEEK to find out what happens.

GloryandGrace said...

We actually haven't gotten into 24 yet, and will just wait until those are out on DVD. After being to blaze through the Lost DVDs back-to-back, this whole waiting a week is KILLER!

I'm glad you're a fan!!!! If you were here, you could come to our partays :)

PandaMom said...

Glad you're finally on board. ; ) We watched seasons 1-3 back to back and then caught up with season 4 on TV. Now we are hoping to wrap it all up in the next 7 weeks for the finale!!! Have fun! ; )

Amber said...

WOO HOO! Welcome to the LOST fan club! Your get-together sounds like so much fun. Wish we could participate with you! But at least we can IM about it every Wednesday morning ;)