Thursday, August 26, 2010

~Our Source of JOY~

“It is a source of joy to the Christian, that the Crucified is now the glorified—that He rose triumphant from the grave, and ascended into glory—that he is seated at God’s right hand, to wield the scepter of the universe, and to appear as the High Priest and Intercessor of His people.
Oh! this thought has been a well-spring of joy to the believer. It has nerved his faith in many a hard fight—it has imparted sweetness to many a bitter draught.
Jesus within the veil—the changeless Friend—the sympathizing Brother—the undying, ever-living Head—who has promised to His people, all-sufficient grace now, and certain, endless glory hereafter.”
~J. MacDuff, The Throne of Grace

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