Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Photo(s) Friday ~ Nali's 8th Birthday

“Through my relationship with [my dog] I’ve come to see my relationship with God in a new way. At this point, non-dog-lovers may be rolling their eyes. But stay with me a moment. Scripture makes it clear that God’s creation helps explain who God is.… Is it surprising that God would choose to teach me about Himself through a dog? God the Creator chooses to reveal Himself – to show who He is, what He is like – through what He has made. In fact, His choice to teach me about Himself through a dog manifests the specificity of His love for me. He knew exactly how to reach me and did so lovingly.” ~R. McRae


jennypen said...

Cute pics of a sweet dog!

PandaMom said...

That pic of you and your man!!!!! AHHHH----so YOUNG!!! ; )

Happy Birthday, Nali. ; ) Woof.

AquaJane said...

I totally agree with you about God teaching us about His love in our relationships with our dogs. Too many things to detail in a blog comment, but I "get" it. You're right.
Jane Hoppe

Sandra Reeves Cutrer said...

Loved the comparison to God's love and your dog. So true, God uses people, animals, situations, whatever he can to reach us and show us who HE is! Blessings,