Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where I'll Be This Weekend~

Thanks to an anonymous donation by a dear soul at our church, and to my husband who has graciously agreed to part with me for the majority of the weekend, I am pumped to be attending the national conference for the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation! (And I'm grateful that the conference is being held here in the 'Ville to save the stress of travel and lodging expenses!)
Beginning tomorrow morning, the sessions/topics are as follows:

~Making Sense of Complex Problems - David Powlison
~What is Going on Inside? Understanding the Human Experience - Ed Welch
~What's in a Name? Understand Labels and Diagnoses - Mike Emlet
~Psychiatric Disorders in Children - Julie Lowe
~What You Can Do to Help - Ed Welch

~Understanding Depression: Weakness, Willfullness, or Wisdom? - Eric Johnson
~Pastoral Care for Fearful, Needy People - Tim Lane
~Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: Body Image Distortions - David Powlison & Julie Lowe

~Listening to Prozac? Understand Psychiatric Treatments - Mike Emlet
~The Local Church: A Safe Place to Struggle? - Tim Lane

May I learn much, receiving both insight and encouragement, from men and women who display such godly wisdom. The leaders at the conference are ones committed to teaching, writing, and counseling in their local churches. Now that I have been out of the counseling program for almost two years, not only will it be good to see professors whose classes I took at Southern, but to learn from those whose books and articles I have gleaned so much wisdom from. It will certainly be a jam-packed weekend, but I'm so thrilled to be going!

(Photo courtesy of CCEF)

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jennypen said...

Sounds fascinating! (Especially the one focused on children) I love the conference's logo-graphic-thing, too. Have a great weekend!