Friday, April 20, 2007

the art of MADLIBS

Once upon a time there was
a level toenail named Zimbabwe.

She walked out to the allowance one morning and saw a temperature
jumping around in the acorn.

She threw up her
hands and yelled Yowsers!!!

Mr. UPS heard her
and came to rescue her from sure cavity.

When he came to her, she looked at his Christmas cactus and said Idiot!

He erased and said Sup?

He whisked her away to the notepad and as they were leaving on his
she exclaimed what?!?!

(MADLIB by me - words by Amber)

There once was a puppy who always wanted to be
named Sassafras and to forge with an unbelievable family. One day, a squirrely boy took him home and gave him yummy food to grovel and all attention his heart could desire! The boy
even gave him a name: Humperdink, but he usually just called
him, “Hey, sneezy Yarn!”

When the postal
service brought the nacho cheese, the puppy learned to blast at the mailman. When a storm would come, the boy
would whisper dandelions in the puppy’s ears. When the
boy would eat dinner, he would wobble a bit of wiggleworm to the puppy. This was the life only a kooky puppy could dream of!

(MADLIB by Amber - words by me)

Evidence of how exciting my Friday afternoon has been. Amber and I (don't know what I'd do without her on afternoons like this!) decided to give each other our own, made up MADLIBS. I remembered a time when I was visiting her in Louisiana, back in the days of our childhood, and we spent HOURS doing MADLIBS together. So, here's to a silly Friday afternoon at work and yes, you can call me the dork that I am!

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Panda-Mom said...

I love MadLibs and I love that you are 25. You are stunning and funny all in one! Love the Bob shirt...too cute!