Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Thunder's Pretty!"

You haven't officially lived in Louisville until you've attended Thunder. Some may disagree, but I have now been twice and can attest that it truly is a must see. People come out of the woodwork, flooding Waterfront Park (and any other nooks and crannys where they can find a spot), and pulling out the sunblock, blankets and cameras. The month of April is all about the Kentucky Derby, and Thunder Over Louisville always comes the weekend before Derby Day. My boyfriend is absolutely giddy over fireworks, and I am now much more a fan than I thought I was! The day also would not have been complete without a turkey leg and funnel cake. We didn't arrive until much later last year, and it took two hours to get home from downtown. This year was more enjoyable since we got there in time for the air show, and also managed to bring some fellow Texans along for SUCH a fun day.

We had THE best spot on the Riverfront!! It was worth it after all to spend 45 minutes wading through the mass of people. (Me, Bob, and Gina who was visiting from Dallas)

There is an INCREDIBLE airshow leading up to the official countdown to Thunder. This is a glimpse of just how perfect of a day it really was, complete with a beautiful sunset.

The 3rd Street Bridge



Laura said...

Those fireworks were AMAZING!! Seriously!

Mommy Spice said...

Looks like a blast. I know nothing of the Kentucky Derby except what I've seen on tv. I would love to be a part some time. Thanks for the comment on my new look (blog). I had a little help from the Blog Fairy.

James and Christen said...

I am a friend of Gretchen's and saw your blog thru hers.

I Love your pictures of the Thunder. Louisville is such a beautiful city.
We are here for the Marathon so we have been all over.

Are you from Texas? We are from Houston though we are moving to Brazil in June.

Thanks for the beautiful picture.
Christen Taylor

Funderstorm said...

I LOVE fireworks and I'm training my children to love them!! We live for holidays with them. I'd love to have been there with you. Maybe next year?