Thursday, July 26, 2007

163 Days ~ she knows me well

No, I don't talk to my wedding binder like it's Wilson, the volleyball in "Castaway," but it's definitely comforting to utilize and carry around as a reminder of my bestest friend and matron of honor. She made a wedding binder for herself two years ago and enjoyed it so much that she has made one for her closest, engaged friends ever since! As you can see from the photos, she went along with my red color scheme to personalize it all the more, and included some things I would not have even thought of. The binder is complete with a customized six-month calendar, a checklist organized by month, and plenty of dividers and pockets all to help me keep my head on straight (if at all possible). If organization is ever a spiritual gift, then she is surely gifted! This is not just a binder that I casually picked up at Hallmark, but rather one that my dearest friend took the time to put together for her dearest friend's most important day. Such a gift is indicative of how well she knows me, and just how much she desires to help in whatever ways such a close friend can. I love you, friend - "to infinity and beyond!"


ColoradoDreaming said...

That is an awesome idea! She could make money selling those. I am sure there are lots of brides to be that would love to have something so cool! and helpful.

Laura said...

Um, can you hang on to that so I can make one someday, please?