Wednesday, December 05, 2007

31 Days ~ And the Real Countdown Begins...

Two significant things on this, the one-month mark before JANUARY 5:

We received our first dish yesterday - a beautiful, round serving plate. My fiance's words: "Well, I guess there's no turning back now!"

I have not had a Coke in over a week. This is HUGE regardless of whether or not you are aware of my affection for carbonated beverages.

That's all for now!


jennypen said...

Well, I think the "no turning back" point came with the shelf paper installation! I wish I could see your new place and furniture. Maybe I can enjoy pics soon. :)

Amanda said...

aww...your first dish! You'll make lots of fun new memories with all of your dishes! haha..sounds weird, but I love eating dinner at home with Wes on all the stuff that we got! And congrats on the no coke thing! You are way better than I am! :)