Tuesday, December 04, 2007

32 Days ~ A Week of Moving (or "A week in the life of a soon to be married woman who doesn't always seem to have her head on straight")

As requested, I figured I needed to at least post something on here. Unfortunately, this will be a post minus pictures since my camera is sitting at the apartment I am trying to move out of as quickly as possible. The more we got my fiance' moved into our townhome this past week, the less I wanted to be at my current place!

Here is a brief of some of the little events that come with moving that keep us laughing (or clenching our teeth in frustration):
  • Some people like shelf paper in the kitchen that reminds them of being in a bright white bathroom with rubber duckies. In fact, they like it SO much that they not only cover the cabinet shelves with such green and blue checkered paper, but they make it all the more blinding by covering the WALLS of the cabinets as well! I am not one of those people, but the residents before us apparently were.
  • Green and blue checkered shelf paper shows through beige shelf paper.
  • Dogs who have had to live with slippery hardwood floors for almost two years act as if they are in a world of eternal bliss when presented with a glorious apartment full of brand new plush carpet.
  • I will never again assume that I am as strong as I have convinced myself I am. This comes with breaking a perfectly decent desk while pulling for all its worth up the stairs as my patient fiance' is saying, "Wait, wait, wait." This is a lesson for anyone: if your fiance' is telling you to wait, don't pull one last time as hard as you can. The desk will break and send pieces of particle board, drawers, and nails flying in all directions.
  • Picking the perfect shower curtain for a bathroom is perhaps one of the most stressful jobs in setting up a new home. Who knew the choice between stripes and sheer would be so difficult??
  • Dogs who have grown accustomed to lounging on the bed tend to fall out of new beds that are twice as high off the ground (and that is assuming they actually get on top of it successfully - only one of them has made it this far).
  • Picnic chairs and barstools make for a cozy setup in the living room.
  • Some people like green and blue checkered shelf paper SO much that they incorporate it into linen closets and bathrooms.
  • It is always beneficial to go through cabinets to see if previous residents left any items behind. We discovered a white mug on the very top shelf of the kitchen cabinet last night. Not only does it serve as a rather unexpected memento of our first home, but it's also "Gibson" brand!
  • The most exciting thing for me was when our new bedroom furniture was delivered on Saturday. It's hard to believe that I am setting up furniture in my very own home that I am going to share with my husband.

Hopefully I will have pictures up soon, but I'm not promising anything! We still have my apartment to sort through and get moved over, which I am sure will take up the better part of this next month. One month?!?! Woohoo!!!


Amber said...

I can't believe it's only a month away!!! I am so excited for you. You're going to love being a wife.

Gretchen said...

Shower curtain tip -- replace frequently. I don't go more than a year. Those things are made to be disposable. That way you can get a new one if you didn't like the old one too much. :)

Amanda said...

can't wait to see pictures! (hopefully!!) you are doing so much!! I can't believe it's so soon! fun fun!

Panda-Mom said...

I like the picnic chairs and barstools, personally. Our first couch was three metal folding chairs!!LOL