Monday, April 20, 2009

Another April Birthday for a Dear Friend!

Happy birthday to my dear friend with whom I share(d):
the same name
the same birthday month
maiden names which refer to fish
random nicknames which only a few others would remotely understand
a love for dogs (border collies!)
the awkwardness that was being a preteen
the awkwardness that was being a teen
embarrassing moments
unforgettable moments
cherished moments
the joy of being in each other's weddings
the same brute strength (oh wait, that's right, you could still whoop me)
many years of growing closer rather than apart regardless of distance
I love you so much, and I count myself beyond blessed to have walked alongside you as a dear and trusted friend all these years. You have been one of the most faithful, loyal, encouraging friends I could have ever hoped for, and I am daily thankful for the ways in which the Lord has used you as an instrument of grace in my life. So many years of my life include you as a significant role, and although we are starting to age ourselves in years (are we really 27??), I consider our friendship one that is both timeless and irreplaceable. Happy birthday, dear friend!!


jennypen said...

I am speechless. And touched and honored to have you as a friend.

Love you!

Amber said...

Aw, that's so sweet. Truly, a good friend is a blessing from the Lord. xoxo