Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Husband







The more I think of the years already passed, the more I am moved by overwhelming gratitude for how the Lord blessed my life with yours. When you and I first started engaging in deep conversation some six years ago, eventually leading to our dating relationship, I was a total mess. From those first days we spent together, the Lord was at work changing my heart and tearing down the wall I had placed around me in order that I would be ready for you to enter into my life. Through some of the darkest days to the best I could have ever imagined, you have been there. You have been there to encourage and exhort, challenge and spur me on as we are in this daily journey desiring to become more like Christ. Your aim is my ultimate good, even when I am near-sighted and can't see what the Lord is doing. While you have been a gift far beyond all I could ever anticipate, I stand beside you everyday eager for the season that lies ahead for us. It stirs my heart to know that you are fervently praying and preparing for wherever the Lord leads you as a pastor, and I count myself undeserving and blessed to walk beside you. Neither of us is capable of anything great, which is why I continually pray that we will always fall at the mercy and grace of the Lord in the days ahead. The future is unknown, but I look at where He has already brought us thus far, and I know He will continue doing above and beyond all we could ever dream. As your wife and the person who knows you best, I know He has plans for you far beyond what you could ever hope for yourself. I am a better person because of how the Lord has used you in my life, and I am confident that He will use you in amazing ways to lead and teach others wherever He takes us.
Happy Birthday to my husband...I love you more than I can articulate, and I am honored to be your wife~


Ashley said...

What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your husband! :)

PandaMom said...

You guys are the cutest!!!!! Happy Birthday B!