Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun Game Friday!

(**EDIT**Now you can disregard all info regarding the picture I meant to upload because I've clearly uploaded it now!)
Well, this game was going to be SO much more fun if I had the picture at the time of this post. If I remember to this evening, I'll put the picture in this post so that you can see where my idea for my fun game came from...

I've been doing a lot of reflecting this week, remembering friends and events of this past year as the holidays have now pretty much arrived. We are nearing our one-year anniversary (what?!?) and close friends are also celebrating exciting events in their own lives. Last night as I was going to bed, a particular picture popped into my mind. It was this time last year that I was in Texas where my bestest friend hosted my unforgettable bridal shower. At the shower, a picture was taken of me and all the girls there, all of us linked in some way or another since junior high school and graduated from high school together. What a sweet picture, and it always reminds me of how thankful I am to the Lord for having blessed my life for YEARS with such wonderful, encouraging, Christ-centered ladies.

So with all of that said, here was my fun idea. I was going to post the picture, label all of the girls from left to right, and then invite all of you to take part in this fun game.
RULES OF THE GAME: For each of the girls in the picture, you have to leave a comment that has from 1-3 random memories, quotes, etc. that you think of when remembering that particular person. If it's a quote, it doesn't have to make sense to any of the rest of us (making it all the more humorous, I think!). This is not intended to be serious, so all comments MUST be random and/or funny to you. If you've only heard of a particular person, or just don't know them very well, there is still surely something random that comes to mind when you think of her. (If you honestly don't know them, that's ok, just leave comments for the ones you do know or have at least heard of through another friend.) Does that make sense?

I'll initiate the game so that you can see the list of ladies to whom I am referring (I'll link to their blogs for those who keep one), and also to give you an idea of the kind of comments to leave:

Doing Flips
1. "Farmers use computers to hold their pants up"
2. Me taking 30 minutes to put on a pair of jeans
3. Stealing yogurt from the fridge at Junior Youth Orchestra practice
4. Two words - Mineral Wells

Blessings x 4
1. My very brief crush on your older brother when we were in high school
2. I have a picture of you and Stef on the school bus - I have no idea what I was doing on a school bus for one thing, have no idea why I thought it would be a cool place to take a picture, and it's always the very first picture that comes to mind when I think of the two of you.
3. English class our senior year of high school + sitting next to Jeremy and Brandon = awkward!

You Little O Wife
1. "Ehh, he's kind of a Monet. But THAT guy? Oh, he's definitely a Baldwin."
2. Us spinning down the hall of the hotel in San Antonio at around midnight and you accidentally spinning right into someone's door - Loud thud...silence..."Run!"
3. The Electric Slide to any song ever written in 4/4 time

1. Blind game of tag at your house with sheets over our heads resulting in your knee going into the wall
2. "Ollie Ollie ontadorous...sing it again, oh yes, just sing it again..."
3. One day in high school when we showed up wearing the same clothes, thus the rest of the day was spent walking on opposite sides of the hallway
4. Two words - Mineral Wells

Grace (Me)

Kimberley (Mather, now Brooks)
1. Deciding at some point in school that she was going to put an "e" in between the "l" and "y"
2. One time when we were younger Kim put a match in the wicker trashcan in her room that was still partially lit that she didn't know was still partially lit
3. Driving home from college for the first time, we got stuck in the black hole that is Mineral Wells because my car overheated

So there's the game! Anyone is welcome to participate, and I look forward to reading your random comments!


Carissa said...

Blessings from Above (me) -- Okay I'm sure there are alot more than what I put down..... But it's a start

Doing Flips
1. What's up What's Up What's Up What's Up What's What's up YOU GO GIRL
2. The pearl necklace you faked me out with
3. Our first meeting in Mrs. Koufelts class, your desk was higher than mine
4. The flight to Orlando with Chocolate cookies and the lady next to us
You Little O Wife
1. I remember you being amazing the way your body changed when you starting playing softball.... ; )
2. You lived a street over from me
3. You were the smart one ; )
4. Our trip to Orlando...
5. A party at your house and got to go see your room upstairs.
1. You played the flute about as long as I played the bassoon.
2. I remember a birthday party at your house.
3. I remember going to a baseball game with you to see Aaron.

1. Smooth and Creamy I like smooth and Creamy....
2. our trip to Orlando
3. Jeremy ---- need I saw more
4. Music appreciation class and English class

Kimberley (Mather, now Brooks)
1. Went to elementary school at Bebensse. ( I know I spelt that wrong! and I hope I'm right)
2. You went to church with Grace and JennyPen

Carissa said...

and of course Disciple Now

Stephanie Robertson said...

1. Waiting at the bus stop by your house, sitting on our bassoons.

2. You loved smiley faces, and one year for your birthday I got you a whole bunch of jewelery from afterthoughts with smileys all over them

3. That giant cookie we made and wrote our crushes names on (at the time I think it was Tommy and Kenny)

4. Sorry about the necklace thing

You Little O Wife:
1. You graciously driving me to school everyday our junior or senior year... but me making you late one day, which happened to be your birthday and homecoming. I was a bad friend that day.

2. You were assigned to sit next to me in sixth grade so that you could be a "good example" to me.

3. I was always slightly jealous of you when you got your cat, I think her name is Penelope? (even though I hate cats)

4. The night that we spent at Grace's moms house, and we were being hyper and crazy... usually the job of Jill and Grace - not us.

1. There's a pepper in my Dr. pepper

2. Funktified to the max Shes... DONG

3. Going to the my grandpas house on the lake

4. Listening to Love Song for a Savior in your room, and wondering how you knew which notes to sing to harmonize

5. That lock out when you had a crush on your now husband :-)

6. I could go on and on forever

Grace: (you took all mine!!)
1. The time that we were going somewhere with Matt, and he opened the door to the orange bug, dropped his pants and farted. at us!!

2. That night we were driving home from somewhere, your dad was driving and it was just about the biggest storm ever!

3. When I would ask you for a ride home every day, and your dad would always buy me a diet pepsi after I told him I didn't want anything

4. The night me you and Jennifer were out in Jennifer's driveway and we saw a shooting star

You Little O Wife said...

1. Waiting for the bus by our houses each morning
2. Junior high band :)

1. 25 things to do with our leg hair
2. Hanging out at your house after school
3. ME making YOU late to school all the time...sorry!

1. Hi my name is Bubbles and my favorite color is clear
2. Party at your house and playing a game that involved flour filled kleenex

1. Mayfield Road Baptist Church

Grace...where do I start?:
1. Bryan Adams, anyone?
2. Back street back alright!
3. 2 Good 4 U
4. Sitting in the practice room in the junior high band hall and footprints in the sand

jennypen said...

Doing Flips:
1. Our Cat in the Hat shirts in jr. high which we wore to 6 Flags
2. Windmills, poker chips, and snort laughs
3. The most amazing things in the entire planet and the most HORRIBLE things that could possibly ever happen to anyone (My friend would never in a bazillion years exaggerate)
4. Shannie-Nick
5. Colored light bulbs
6. Round things
7. My toe
8. Balloon and flower arrangements
9. My Dear Jennifer notebook and Olivia's book
10. Being speechless and completely honored when you asked me to be your matron of honor (while Adam was undergoing ear surgery during his bacterial meningitis fiasco)
11. All the fun times in your Las Colinas apartment

1. Your green smiley tee in jr. high
2. Sitting outside before school at Barnett
3. Holding your second child as a baby
4. Being a bridesmaid w/ you while you were in a cute prego state
5. Being partners in crime in planning a special event

Grace: ...BTW, this is the longest comment I have ever and probably will ever leave!
1. Chili at church on Wednesday nights
2. Dinosaur Valley State Park
3. Shared crushes
4. Passing notes in 6th grade with our tape mailboxes
5. IM therapy (Thanks, Friend!)
6. Choir tryouts in Dallas (I think) in elementary school
7. Spiral staircase picture posing
8. Who wants Trident?!
9. Staying warm because of leg hair
10. The J and Drew table
11. Mr. Testarestarone
12. The only friend I've boated alone on the lake with
13. Who else can injure themselves w/ a pair of nail clippers? Twice.
14. I'm still cracked up by my "naughty" wedding shower gift from you! Was it flannel footie pjs?
15. Having you by my side on one of the two most important days in my life (and in all the events leading up to it)
16. The honor of standing with you as you and your hubby exchanged vows (ALMOST A YEAR AGO?!)

1. A Mavs game
2. Disciple Now, animal noses, and bandannas
3. Discovering one of my favorite snacks from your mom (tortillas w/ cream cheese and salsa)

1. 9th grade geography (or history?) in the portables
2. Falls Creek and Super Summer
3. Guiding Light performances
4. Underwear on our heads at Disciple Now

Amber said...

1. "From earth to Mars and then on to Venus... although you've gone away, I still see you're face. These memories linger on inside our hearts, always..."
2. Seeing the shocked look on your face when I met you in Shreveport to spend a few nights with you at your grandparents' home in South LA.
3. Disciple Now as seniors in high school with your church
a. "Dad, I haven't seen Amber in years and what's the first thing she does when she arrives at our church? She poops!"
b. running around in granny panties!
4. the trip to Maryland with my youth group

Ashley said...


Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Miss Scarlett said...

This looks really fun to read, but can't right now. Won't be on the computer again until Sat. Lots going on. Details later. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet. Much love.