Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Sweet Heart, The Charmer

Nali and I very hesitantly left for the vet's office this morning. Her echocardiogram was scheduled for 11:00am, and they assured me that I would know the results just a few minutes after it was over. We went into the lobby and didn't have to wait too long before the vet tech called for her. I unfortunately had to wait in the lobby but only for a few minutes.
Let me just say for the record that my dog really is a charmer. I don't say that to boast in my pet, but Nali is a charmer and a flirt. I don't know how many treats the techs and the doctor himself gave her while we were there simply because she's so obedient and completely adorable. While the tech was checking Nali's weight, she licked his face instead of shaking uncontrollably as most dogs would. When they called me back to hear the results of the echo, the vet said, "Wow, she just laid there perfectly calm while we were running the test. I wish all the dogs that came through here were so relaxed!" And of course, Nali being the dog she is who knows when people are complimenting her, she was walking around in circles wagging her tail and smiling the whole time.
The results of the echocardiogram were excellent! Nali shows no signs of heart disease or anything else serious, just a valve in her heart that's not fully cooperating. This is the best news to receive in regard to a heart murmur because it's the most minor cause and leaves little to no reason for concern. All he said was that he will continue monitoring her heartbeat at the annual appointments...and then he gave her another treat before we headed out the door. I think when all was said and done Nali received at least six treats during the half hour we were there!
To wrap up such good news with more good news -
Nali's lost 7 pounds!
I love my dog :)


jennypen said...

YEA! I held my breath from the start of the post until I got to the part about the good result! I'm so happy, and yes, she is certainly a charmer and a sweetheart.

Amber said...

Yay for a good report!

Amanda said...

Nali is so cute!! yay for losing weight! Ebony isn't supposed to gain any more weight and should lose a pound and a half... sheesh.

So glad she is doing ok!!!

Stephanie Robertson said...

I was so scared you were going to have my crying by the end of this post!

Praise God for these little four legged creatures who come into our lives and steal our hearts!!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

That is wonderful! She looks like Sami's dog Harley, who is a total sweetheart as well. I am so glad she is fine!

BreAnna Fowler said...

What were in those doggy treats to make her lose weight??? I am willing to try anything at this point! :0)
Seriously, glad to hear all is well with your sweet puppy.