Friday, November 07, 2008

Wii Will Miss You

Dear friend,
Parting is such sorrow. You must have wondered what you had done wrong as Wii parted ways last week, wondering what you could have done to deserve being given away so suddenly and without warning. After all Wii have been through, the good times Wii have shared, what else could you have done to convince us that you should stay?
Oh, the good times and great adventures Wii had together. I will never forget you taking me on that race over and over again to scratch my competitive itch. How desperately I wanted to leave Yoshi and and Luigi in the dust, and I have you to thank for achieving such victory.
...for the countless times I played the part of Rayman, with my mission being to fend off rabid rabbits with plungers and squirt guns. I will never forget the sounds of those crazy animals as the plungers went flying from my plunger launcher and stuck to their faces. The sights and sounds of a million possessed rabbits trying to take over the world will never be forgotten. Victory is sweet, and the raging rabbits didn't stand a chance.

And then there was the exhilarating taste of adventure you provided. My husband had some pretty awesome times of swinging his sword in hopes of ultimately winning the battle. You provided so much excitement that he could hardly sleep! When the game came to an end, there was nothing left but the memories.
Our parting with you was nothing personal, although I don't know that you will be convinced otherwise. You are meant for excitement, adventure, ceaseless entertainment, not sitting perched beside the television as a mere object for good conversation. You were meant for more, so much more than Wii could provide. Wii knew this was the best choice for you...for us...and with that motivation Wii simply had to part with you. Wii hope that someday you will understand our intentions and forgive us for our decision.
So Wii bid you farewell, dear friend. Remember the good times Wii had and never forget that you brought many laughs, fun times, and attempts at exercise during your stay in our will never be forgotten. Don't dwell on the past, don't mourn our parting. Wii wanted what is best for you, so may you go in peace and bring the same enjoyment and happiness to another family that you have brought to us these past two years.
Wii will never forget you~


Amanda said...

oh my gosh. I want to go play Wii right now!

Ashley said...

Cute post!! :)

Stephanie Robertson said...

Very cute.

ccolyer54 said...

Hi Jenn,
I hope you don't mind me writting to you. Hollie found your blog from the Kaylor blog. I was able to read the Funderstorm blog, thanks for having that with your blog site. I saw your bridal poitrait, and you were a beautiful bride. I hope your wedding was all you dreamed it would be. I did not receive an invitation, so I guess you had to limit your guests. When do you graduate seminary? I always knew God had a special plan for you. I still remember when you and Chrystal were in 1st grade together. What fun memories. Take care!
Love in Christ,
Cindy (Colyer) in case you don't remember the last name.

Miss Scarlett said...

Wasn't that a Wii bit, Geekish? Why the parting?

Colorado Dreamin' said...

oh my! I have one under the "tree" that isn't up yet. I got mostly games that we can play together and singing ones for Jenni like HSM. Hoping to create some fun family nights once a month or something like that. It is hard to get everyone with such different ages into one thing. We will see how it goes. Wii may be parting someday, too, if not.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

yes, FFF will always carry so many wonderful memories for all of my children! Love it!

Yes, we are getting rid of our uverse tv and just going to have the movies we watch, since with the new tv signal we can't get stuff. Might be a good thing! So much on the TV is garbage anyway. And I keep up with the news online. We love to buy movies that we love and series so we will be fine. I need to cut back on bills because we are trying to get them down so John doesn't have to work this high powered draining job anymore. Keep us in your prayers, please.